A Heat Exchanger is Transformed into a Contemporary Cultural + Sports Center | Développement durable et efficacité énergétique | Scoop.it

The transformation of this heat exchanger into a culture and sports center by slovakian firm atrium studio was part of a project for the EHMK 2013.

The angular exterior form extends the building out into the public space, with a dramatic climbing wall feature. The exchanger center has five different interconnected floors that have all been turned into gallery spaces - each fulfilling a different function. a secluded rooftop consists of four trees and a large lounge area.

The structure stands out within its surrounding context of industrial-type buildings, with the existing heat exchanger wrapped with a bold geometric facade. The folded triangular shapes define the building's exterior- cut out pieces of the twisted volume expose slanted view shafts of the interior windows, helping to express the new transformation.

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Via Lauren Moss