Scaling Isomorphic Javascript Code | Development on Various Platforms |

Design patterns are the bread and butter of application development. They encapsulate and outline the concerns of the application and the environment of the in which it exists. Between the browser and the server these concerns can vary widely:
* Is the view ephemeral (e.g. on the server) or long-lived (e.g. in the browser)?
* Is the view reusable across different use-cases or scenarios?
* Should the view be annotated with application-specific tags or markup?
* Where should the bulk of the business logic reside? (in the model? in the controller?)
* How is the application state persisted or accessed?
Lets explore some of the existing patterns and how they answer these questions:
* Model-View-Controller
* Model2
* Model-View Presenter and Model-View-ViewModel
* Modern Javascript Implementations
* Real-time Implications
* tl;dr? Introducing Resource-View-Presenter
* Conclusion

Via Jan Hesse