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Dedicated followers of JavaScript fashion will by now have noticed this season’s hot new trend. If you haven’t spotted it yet, here are a few projects sporting this style on the GitHub catwalk: React, Reactive.js, component/reactive and reactive.coffee

That’s right: reactive programming is the new black.

At a high level, the idea behind reactive programming is that changes in state propagate throughout a system. Put crudely, this means that in a reactive system where a = b * 2, whenever the value of b changes, the value of a will also change, rather than forever being equal to whatever b * 2 was at the time of the statement.

When we take this idea and apply it to user interfaces, we eliminate the DOM manipulation drudgery that dominates web developers’ lives.

Ractive.js is a new library initially developed to create interactive (hence the name – not to be confused with Reactive.js!) news applications at theguardian.com. It is designed to dramatically reduce the effort involved in creating web apps by embracing these principles.

Via Jan Hesse