recommended Podcast: JavaScript Strategies at Microsoft with Scott Hanselman | Development on Various Platforms |

Scott tells those Rails guys that there is another side of the web which is barely that dark, they believe.

Worth to hear all until the end.


01:14 – Scott Hanselman Introduction

Community Program Manager for Web Tools at MicrosoftAzure and Web ToolsASP.NET Runtime

03:17 – Microsoft and JavaScript

Microsoft Build Developer ConferenceScott Hanselman: Angle Brackets, Curly Braces, One ASP.NET and the CloudJson.NET

13:40 – The Cost of Web Development

ToolingSublime TextVisual Studio

18:17 – Libraries and Frameworks


24:14 – Innovation in Software


29:48 – Apps Supporting JavaScript

Create your first Windows Store app using JavaScript (Windows)Visual Studio Express

34:14 – Windows and Internet Explorer


40:42 – Microsoft’s Attitude Towards JavaScript

Scott Hanselman: Azure for the non-Microsoft Person – How and Why?

45:58 – Open Source

49:12 – asm.js

52:05 – Angle Brackets Conference

Via Jan Hesse