Working With IndexedDB | Development on Various Platforms |

One of the more interesting developments in web standards lately is the Indexed Database (IndexedDB for short) specification. For a fun time you can read the spec yourself. In this tutorial I’ll be explaining this feature and hopefully giving you some inspiration to use this powerful feature yourself.

In a nutshell, IndexedDB provides a way for you to store large amounts of data on your user’s browser. Any application that needs to send a lot of data over the wire could greatly benefit from being able to store that data on the client instead. Of course storage is only part of the equation. IndexedDB also provides a powerful indexed based searching API to retrieve the data you need.

We’ve covered the specification and support, now let’s look at using the feature. The very first thing we should do is check for IndexedDB support. While there are tools out there that provide generic ways to check for browser features, we can make this much simpler since we’re just checking for one particular thing.

Via Jan Hesse