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Asia is the world's largest petroleum consumer

Asia is the world's largest petroleum consumer | Developing Spatial Literacy |
Energy Information Administration - EIA - Official Energy Statistics from the U.S.


This goes nicely with the carbon footprint data that was recently posted.  Although that was data aggregated at the national level and this is on the 'world realms' level, many of the same patterns are visible without the same specificity. 

Via syarifah dalimunthe, Seth Dixon
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Rescooped by Greenroom Dweller from Geography Education!

International Fast Food Consumption

International Fast Food Consumption | Developing Spatial Literacy |

This cartogram shows the distribution of one major fast food outlet brand (McDonalds's). By 2004 there were 30,496 of these McDonald's worldwide with 45% located in the United States.  The next highest number of these outlets are in Japan, Canada and Germany.


The world average number of outlets of this one brand alone is 5 per million people. In the United States there are 47 per million people; in Argentina and Chile the rate is a tenth of the American rate; the rate in Indonesia, China and Georgia is a hundredth of the American rate. In all the territories of Africa there were only 150 outlets: mostly in South Africa.  What does this say about consumption, economics, development, globalization and branding? Search for more excellent cartograms. 

Via Seth Dixon
Edelin Espino's curator insight, December 5, 2014 11:08 AM

No wonder America is the biggest one. People here are mostly too busy to prepare proper food for their diet. Is easier and more efficient just stop by and go back to work as soon as possibly.