Digital Interactivity: Doors To Perception | Developing Creativity |

"Just as communications are multi-dimensional, interactions are as well, and they cross over into different emotional domains… Those places we all too often ignore or don’t even consider when we create things ... In this way, I believe that any great technology venture (any great company, really) must provide doors to perception and discovery that look well beyond transactional or even relationship benefits to some degree. We are evolutionary beings who use and build technologies as extensions of our biologies, genealogies and mythologies, and the complexities that arise can really only produce — rather, they must endeavor to produce — emotional benefits for end users and participants, as well as for creators and developers."

Via Ana Cristina Pratas, Jack Patterson, Dennis T OConnor, Gust MEES, Gianfranco D'Aversa, Louise Robinson-Lay, Rosário Durão, Fred Zimny, janlgordon, k3hamilton, molly mullee, Jimun Gimm