Detective Agency in Punjab expand their Services
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Detective Agency in Punjab expand their Services
Punjab Detective Agency is the company's prestigious detective offering services across India for the past 35 years. Not only the police and investigation, as security guarding services are also available to suit your needs. Recently, the Detective Agency in Punjab had expanded their services in Punjab. From services detectives Detective Agency in Punjab Forte had a very good service all over India they have solved many cases that were relied personal, corporate, marital, missing, paranormal and debugging services. For reasons of security, they also offered experienced security guards. Security guards, as guards for general services in which they have basic education, but they have enough experience and can make normal guard. Other security guards as business / industrial guards shall be at least matriculates, who can read and write the local language and Hindi with knowledge of English. These guards are well built and well versed in guarding duties. And the final security service is service elite guards of the guards will be above registration and high quality, able to read and write languages and built body and especially 5'7 "tall, they will have more five years of experience in English, Hindi and local in guarding duties. They also provide former military guards to the standards of the Directorate of Resettlement, New Delhi. Yet, all kinds of facilities will soon be available Punjab also request people. The service can be given according to your wish and fees will be worth it. Costs are required by legal security staff salaries (minimum) in accordance with the Act of 1936. Comes serving detective since 1978, they are in the industry and providing detective police, more than 5000 cases are executed successfully so far. Systems ISO 9001 were followed by them. Recognized by the Indian government as the best agency Detectives also awarded in 1989, 1995, 2001, 2008, 2011 and 2012, finally, they were also awarded and first Ratna Shiromani their C & MD. They were allowed by the Indian government. They provide experienced staff to investigation and maintain highly confidential, they can give us the assurance that. Finally, they provide a perfect outing with reasonable costs. Detective Agency of Sharp which is expanding its Matrimonial Service according to the public demand and coming to Punjab to solve your personal problems.
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