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Where would you expect a show about the history of desmodromic valve actuation to take place if not Bologna?  But Ducati wasn’t the driving force behind this comprehensive, well-managed initiative; rather, it was put together by one man: Dr. Gigi Mengoli.

Sure, Mengoli still is in a top position at Ducati, being chief project engineer and manager of design for production engines. But he did this show on his own because he loves the desmo concept and wanted to pay homage to all who contributed to its evolution—from the men at Peugeot who built the L76 four-cylinder based on the engine that won the 1912 Indianapolis 500 to the 2.5-liter Mercedes W196 inline-Eight by Daimler-Benz Chief Project Engineer Rudolf Uhlenhaut that dominated Formula One in 1954 and ’55 to the works of the great Dr. Fabio Taglioni, Mengoli’s teacher and inspiration....The whole story here:  http://www.cycleworld.com/2012/05/18/desmo-show/