Return of the Cafe Racers: Ducati Super Sport 900 The Operator by Icon | Desmopro News |

Some time in the foreseeable future the advent of an apocalypse due to a zombie outbreak, nuclear war or perhaps even global warming, will cause the total breakdown of society as we know it. When this disaster happens the majority of the survivors will more than likely become desert roaming vigilantes fighting to the death for the next tank of fuel or can of dog food. Never fear though, not everyone will be out to dismember you or throw you in a cage with a giant gladiator just for laughs. There is one who stands against all that is evil and is prepared to aid those in need during the end of times and it's been made by Icon. This is Icon's custom Ducati Super Sport 900 they call "The Operator" and it's here to help stitch your arms back on and set you on your wasteland way.

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