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One of the misunderstandings of these days is that a designer has an artist or artisan background. In that approach designers are idea generators, visualizers and prototypers.   That is not our point of view. Our adagium comes from the management writer Herbert Simon, who stated that "Everyone designs who devises courses of action  aimed at changing existing into preferred ones".  As stated by others, this version of design tends to abstraction and general expertise.   The focus of this blog is service and services. In our world  service is exchanged for service. All firms are service firms; all markets are centered on the exchange of service, and all economies and societies are service based. And just even government and other institutions are always exchanging services for services. But be sure, in this era of change there is a heavy focus also on concept generation, visualization and digital concept and prototypes.   Interested in designing services? In case you are interested to follow,  check the options in the sidebar. You can follow this blog on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and via email and RSS. It is up to you! In case you are interested to connect on linkedin, please feel free to do so (some of this content is also posted on that platform).  
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How I'll be learning in 2016

How I'll be learning in 2016 | Designing  service |
It's that reflective time of year again. It's now that educators like me consider what will define our approach to teaching and learning in the next 12 months. It's made more reflective where I live, as the New Zealand school year runs February to December, so I'll be starting with new classes in a few weeks.…

Via juandoming, Luciana Viter, malek
CHRISTINE OWEN's curator insight, December 29, 2015 5:50 PM

Likewise re school year. I'm across the ditch and am already planning for the start of 2016 school year. Just completed our 4year Strategic Plan which focusses on successfully preparing students for an unknown future, through strategies such as those in the info-graphic. It's an invigorating process & my aim is to pass on my love of lifelong learning in and outside of the school system  and to encourage natural curiosity through viewing 'failure' as a scientific experiment, i.e. the testing of theorems, a necessary, problem solving  process leading to answers.


Raquel Oliveira's curator insight, January 6, 11:55 AM

Excelente simples perspectivas de aprendizagem para o novo ano:

Como vamos aprender em 2016?

1- Colaborando;

2- Interagindo para soluçoes;

3- Expandindo para comunidade;

4- Conectando de maneira assertiva;

5- Acolhendo e oferecendo feedback aos pares.


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The Nine Slides That Matter From Mary Meeker's State of the Internet

The Nine Slides That Matter From Mary Meeker's State of the Internet | Designing  service |
print is still getting a disproportionate share of ad dollars compared with the amount of time people spend reading it, ms. meeker said.

Via Eric_Determined / Eric Silverstein
Roberto Fuso Nerini's curator insight, May 28, 2015 4:13 AM

2015 Internet trend. Main slides + link to the full report.

Nicolas Desachy's curator insight, May 28, 2015 8:32 AM

To be read

Stuart Walters's curator insight, May 28, 2015 11:28 AM

Mary Meeker provides great insight into Internet Trends every year, and those trends relate directly to customer expectations and Customer Experience (CX).  

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8 Advanced Trends In Social And Digital Marketing (Infographic)

8 Advanced Trends In Social And Digital Marketing (Infographic) | Designing  service |

Consider yourself something of an expert in digital marketing? Think you already know SMM trends a year out?

Then I’ve got a challenge for you.

Take a look at Signal’s new infographic, “The 8 Biggest Digital Marketing Trends in 2015,” to see a list of advanced digital marketing trends that may surprise you. I’ve shared the entire infographic at the bottom of this post. Below are the standout insights that every expert or would-be expert should know for 2015…

Essential Knowledge: Digital Marketing Trends In 2015

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D.
Russ Merz, Ph.D.'s curator insight, January 29, 2015 2:29 PM

How many of these #digitalmarketing trends are you ready to act on in 2015?

Sue Walsh's curator insight, January 29, 2015 8:22 PM

Well worth checking out this article. Logical but also a good stocktake on what you are actually using (or not).

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Trendwatchingexecutive summary: the trend framework in 2015

The accompanying full 2015 Trend Report picks up the 16 megatrends that comprise the Trend Framework: analyzing where they are heading and identifying the most…
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The Evolution of Retail: What Brands Need to Know [Infographic]

The Evolution of Retail: What Brands Need to Know [Infographic] | Designing  service |

The retail environment is changing faster than many brands realise. The evolution of retail is developing and brands need to embrace these new trends.


Back at the turn-of-the-century (I just love saying that) I was in retail management. Dance music retail to be specific. The stores that I ran pioneered cutting edge dance music and thanks to DJ culture, good old analogue 12” vinyl was actually experiencing sales and usage growth. Oh, how quickly things can change. It was around that same time that iTunes launched and changed the way that we purchase, manage and play our music forever. That was one of the first signs of the evolution of retail.

Fast forward 14 years and that sector of retail has changed so radically that now DJ’s can purchase music live on their smartphone in the middle of a playing a gig. According to data from Baynote the retail industry is forecast to experience more change over the course of the next five years than it has during the past one hundred years. News Corp CTO Tom Quinnrecently told CeBIT attendees that consumers are now innovating faster than businesses. Dynamic brands are capitalising on some emerging retail trends, however businesses that ignore the evolution of retail could be left behind.

In this article you will learn:

How innovative use of digital media can help win businessFive trends that are transforming the retail industryQuick fix digital media solutions to cover the basicsImportant things to know about retail in 2014 with a helpful Infographic

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D., massimo facchinetti, malek, Edward Chenard
Orlando Delgado's curator insight, June 17, 2014 9:15 AM

Retail as a sector needs to adapt to new market forces...

Sue Walsh's curator insight, June 23, 2014 5:32 AM

Another beauty. Make sure you read your way to the info graphic ...

corneja's curator insight, July 6, 2014 2:08 PM

42 % of consumers expect a reply from the brand within an hour! This data has surprised me.  The infographic shows a lot of useful information about retail.

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Infographic: Shutterstock's Global Design Trends 2014

Infographic: Shutterstock's Global Design Trends 2014 | Designing  service |
For our third annual infographic, we use data from our 350 million all-time
downloads to explore recent and emerging trends from around the globe.

Via malek
malek's curator insight, February 25, 2014 2:25 PM

[url=/u/129000 x-already-notified=1]Martin (Marty) Smith[/url] (a no-designer) had a great summary here.

So inspiring, I had to go for the full infographic, a real gem.

Check popular search, learn about Gatsby, appetizing and adorable in a completely different mind frame.

Ali Anani's curator insight, February 28, 2014 12:38 AM
Push your digital marketing forward
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Customer Experience Matrix: 4 Marketing Tech Trends To Watch in 2014 | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert

Customer Experience Matrix: 4 Marketing Tech Trends To Watch in 2014 | #TheMarketingAutomationAlert | Designing  service |

Advanced/ Digest...


I'll share below what I think will be most important marketing technology trends of 2014. 

Customer Data Platforms mature.  Systems that build such databases for specialized purposes such as lead enhancement, cross-channel campaign management, retention programs, and advertising audience management will increasingly provide more value to their clients by exposing the databases to other execution systems.

Digital advertising and customer marketing converge.  Data management platforms, which store semi-anonymous cookies for online ad networks, will converge with conventional customer databases, which store profiles tied to actual identities. The advantage will be marketing programs that span both channels, delivering personally targeted information via display advertising and simplifying personalized marketing on mobile platforms that don’t support conventional cookies.

Predictive analytics finally take center stage.  More accessible customer data and broader opportunities to deliver personalized messages will support the long-expected mass deployment of automated predictive analytics tools.

The privacy dog won’t bark. Efforts to limit such tracking through government regulations will not result in significant limitations, at least in the United States.



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Via marketingIO
marketingIO's curator insight, December 16, 2013 7:31 PM

Completely agree with Predictive taking center stage, and there will be a significant amount of complaints until all the kinks are worked out.

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Free Shipping Out & Back TRENDING Holiday 2013 - Via Ecommies

Free Shipping Out & Back TRENDING Holiday 2013 - Via Ecommies | Designing  service |

Holiday Ecommerce Trends
First Holiday Ecommerce awards are in with and Williams-Sonoma winning top honors and L. L. Bean most improved from November to December.

Trends Include
Free Shipping All Orders especially in December.

Free Shipping Out and back (returns) is also trending with several majors.
Deal of the Day is trending with having the best example.
Williams-Sonoma's explanation of BMSM (Buy More, Save More) is the best we've seen. 
Bean wins kudos for its Holiday Shopping Made Easier graphic.

Overall creative performance was lackluster this year in the 36 ecommerce websites we reviewed with the overall grade going DOWN in December.

Report card is on Google Plus:  


Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Key New Traits Characterizing Sustainable Business Models by Jeremiah Owyang

Via Robin Good
Robin Good's curator insight, October 15, 2013 12:58 PM

Jeremiah Owyang, a partner at the Altimeter Group, has published a valuable presentation outlining the key traits characterizing sustainable business models in the near future.

The key takeaways include: 

  1. The market sees purposeful brands that stand for something specific
  2. Local and personalized wins always over global
  3. Crowds are becoming like companies - bypassing 
    inefficient intermediaries
  4. On-demand wins always over standardized offerings
  5. Business models may need to be changed along the way 
  6. Partnering with your customers is the key to the future 

Excellent trends analysis. Owyang is right on target with his future of business models identikit. 

Check the full presentation here: 

(HT to Giuseppe Mauriello)

Marcos Otero's curator insight, October 15, 2013 7:31 PM

The new type of enterprise

Tom Hood's curator insight, February 22, 2014 8:24 AM

Great find by Robin Good and timely as we just had a session with Rita McGrath (author of the End of Competitive Advantage) emphasizing the impact of disruption and the need for a different mindset around resilience. This preso by Jeremiah Owyang gives some great tips for thinking about the types of shifts in business models we should be thinking about. 


Slide 13 captures these shifts well:


1. Purpose (start with why) is key

2. Glocal wins - Global reach and mindset delivered locally (relationships)

3. Personalize everything possible

4. On-demand 

5. People make and share - collaboration and co-creation with your customers

6. Empowered people


This is important for CPAs to understand as they advise and support their businesses (clients and employers). Business models are no longer stagnant or as Rita would say, sustainable over a long-term. Thus we need to be constantly re-examiming our competitive advantages.

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20 Web Design Trends In 2013 From Responsive To Storytelling

20 Web Design Trends In 2013 From Responsive To Storytelling | Designing  service |
Predicting the future is tough, but with the fast-moving nature of the web, it’s good to know what lies ahead. Craig Grannell talks to top industry figures about the web design trends you should be mindful of over the coming 12 months.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith, John van den Brink
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, September 22, 2013 6:51 PM

Web design is changing fast and here are 20 trends we've seen this year.

Raquel Oliveira's curator insight, September 24, 2013 4:54 PM

2 lovely subjects: Web designer and storytelling !

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Birth of the Cool: 2012 UI, UX Design Trends

Birth of the Cool: 2012 UI, UX Design Trends | Designing  service |

User Experience UX Software Design 2013 Trends. Agree, big 2013 design trends include:

* Visual Marketing & Design Simplicity (lean content, lots of Infographics and other data visualizations).

* Content Marketing heavily influenced by mobile first and mobile's content constraints (speed, small, UI).


Would add bubbles about the size of "mobile first" for:
* Predictive Analytics.

* Real Time "read the cookie, fire the design" triggers.

* Move to branching business logic controlling design elements.


I may be the only champion of the freedom from design boxes movement. I just don't see UX and design functioning in such limited ways for much longer. Design is most impactful when it is relevant and we have enough persona and behavior information to "read the cookie, fire the design" now. 

Why aren't we?

I saw this same problem with the move from A/B to multivariate testing. MVP testing puts such a load on shifting THINKING and creative that adoption was slow. AI-like web design has the same problem. Once you create a branching path algorithm based on personas and behaviors you need LOTS of creative to support the move.  

Oh, this isn't the ONLY time I've been up on a soapbox all by my lonesome.  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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12 Emerging Trends for Social Media Influencer Marketing

12 Emerging Trends for Social Media Influencer Marketing | Designing  service |
Wondering that the emerging trends for social media will be in the new year? Here are the 12 trends that Raymond Morin will take root and gain steam in 2016

Via Pantelis Chiotellis
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7 Strategies That Are Transforming Mobile Apps

7 Strategies That Are Transforming Mobile Apps | Designing  service |

Just as every company is now a publisher (or should be) if they wish to have an effective digital strategy, I believe the next phase of growth will be that marketing departments of every company need to be involved in the development of mobile and/or tablet applications. If that doesn’t sound like a reality – I’ll provide an example.

We recently designed and developed a mobile application for engineers to use to make a plethora of different conversions for calculations they need to make daily. The company we built it for is a surface technology company. Does the application sell? No! That’s not the point – the point is to have the company’s name top of mind as engineers are working day to day. Greater brand awareness and click to contact calls to action enable them to take the next step. Immediately upon release, over 300 users in their industry downloaded the application and are utilizing it daily. It is a huge acquisition and retention win with a minimal investment.

Via Russ Merz, Ph.D., Rosetta Carrington Lue
LaurentHinard's curator insight, February 23, 2015 8:43 AM

Last features and trends on Mobile 

Martine Coutu's curator insight, February 23, 2015 11:56 AM

Le département de marketing au centre du développement des applications mobiles. Comme les deux doigts de la main.

Apptimate's curator insight, February 27, 2015 3:30 AM

Security and privacy will be critical in 2015. Otherwise, we will see a great backlash. Non-trust worthy apps mean non-trust worthy brands that people will abandon.

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How the sharing economy will develop in 2015

How the sharing economy will develop in 2015 | Designing  service |
The sharing economy has grown exponentially in the past few years to the point where it has impacted nearly all industries.

Via jean lievens, LIsa Gansky
miracletrain 夢想驛站's curator insight, December 22, 2014 6:40 AM

The unstoppable rise of the Sharing Economy, it could be the Internet's most divisive revolution.

Nimber's curator insight, January 13, 2015 12:51 PM

Featuring yours truly in the logistics bit.

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A CIO's guide to the future of work | Dion Hinchcliffe

A CIO's guide to the future of work | Dion Hinchcliffe | Designing  service |
Today's digital workplace is constantly inundated with new applications and devices, as tech investment also decentralizes. Top technology leaders are seeking an orderly path to improvement, yet the the way forward remains more turbulent than ever. Fortunately, there are perspectives that can help.

Via Pascale_Masson
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Social Business Trends 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Business Trends 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC] | Designing  service |
Imgur is home to the web's most popular image content, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.

Via Salah ALhaj Ahmed, Luciana Viter, Martin (Marty) Smith, Ivo Nový
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, April 1, 2014 12:58 AM

File this infographic under "stats to help sell social to the c level" and good luck.

Tomas Trejbal's curator insight, April 1, 2014 2:36 AM

Social Business Trends 2014...

StrutturaFine | pl's curator insight, April 4, 2014 12:33 PM

Numeri, tendenze, stats | il #Mobile su tutto

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2014 Ecommerce Design Trends Infographic via @CrowdFunde

2014 Ecommerce Design Trends Infographic via @CrowdFunde | Designing  service |

Little doubt enterprise crowdfunding will play an important role in ecommerce next year. As the first Ecommies shared on Ecommerce is stuck in its own mud ( ).

CrowdFunde is a new tool that helps add crowdfunding to any website. Crowdfunding is about to explode thanks to the SEC ruling in late October to allow equity crowdfunding.


Enterprise crowdfunding is about to explode too and eCommerce will be changed by the addition of a new low cost, high return marketing channel that reminds us of what email marketing used to be before everyone started curating email with mobile devices, driving open rates down even as the size of many lists increase.

This CrowdFunde infographic shares color, growth and tribal acceptance information proving ecommerce is ready for a change, a crowdfunding, and social, mobile, gamified change.


Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Web design trends for 2014 | Infographic + @ScentTrail Trend Predictions

Web design trends for 2014 | Infographic + @ScentTrail Trend Predictions | Designing  service |

What do we predict will be the web design trends in 2014? Here is an infographic with our predictions

Marty Note
Here are my thoughts on web design in 2014.

1. Code Free = Disagree, not in 2014, I have tried Webydo and it is as hard to master as code so why bother, until there is a tool that is EASIER than code we will continue to code.

2. More CMS based site - Agree and this is another way of saying more blogs acting like websites. Good idea to read my Websites vs. Blog post on earlier in the week to know how to keep the things that matter from a "website" as your blog fills both shoes: Websites vs. Blogs Which One Is Better and Why .

3. Single Page Sites - Disagree - I GUESS you could have a robust enough social presence that a single page site would be fine, but you give up a lot and you are asking a single page to accomplish a lot. Google doesn't rank websites they rank web pages, so pagespread (# of pages in Google) can help build traffic via SEO (that is left of it anyway).

A single page website is only viable for strong mobile or social players and somewhere there has to be an engine generating NEW out into the world. If you use a single page, push NEW out and then wipe it clean that is simply CRAZY with the way traffic is parsed and how we gain authority today. Oprah could have a single page site, how an average website could achieve all that is needed with a single page is beyond me.

4. Interactive Infographics - Agree with this one. The Infographic has legs, or should say the idea of visualizing content has legs. The infographic is an expression of a larger movement - our desire to understand things FAST.

Other 2014 Web Design Trends I see include:

* Lean Design - This movement plays off of #4 and the strength of the marketing visualization movement. Creating more understanding faster is a trending trend.

* Social Net Tapestry - Website designs MUST be social and agnostic about social nets. Including Facebook, Twitter, GPlus, YouTube,, StumbleUpon and 10 more I can't think of right now in ways that make sharing easy, rewarding and not overwhelming is a trend no one has figured out all that well yet, but we will begin to see novel ideas that build on the social media  "widget" idea in 2014 (only much better let's hope).

* Content Curation - we must build websites in 2014 that are focused on KEY CONVERSATIONS and become agnostic about where those conversations happen. Own the conversation, own the traffic.

Curating content INTO a website (or blog) is an important trend no one has quite figured out yet either. Start with traditional ORM (Online Reputation Management) tools. Use ORM to crack some APIs so when something relevant happens to your company, brands or products out there in social media's north forty you

  1. Know about it.
  2. Filter it into your content by having ways (filters) to attach curated content into existing themes. 
  3. Gamify contributors so reward is generous, immediate and competitive.

* Appification of Everything - the Mobile Revolution is not about the phone. It is about redesigning our THINKING about how information creates interaction, engagement and conversion (so a small thing lol). Thinking of everything we do online as an app we will be improving is a very "Mobile First" way to think. Those who understand the "Appification" of everything will win BIG as the rest of the world catches up in 2014.

* Gamification - If your website design doesn't find ways to profile, reward and share (curate) content from contributors you will fall hopelessly behind in 2014. The social web is here, despite few understanding the breadth of that that means, and websites need to promote an ever increasing amount of User Generated Content (UGC). Best way to do that is by using game theory to create web design.


Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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TRENDS 2014 & Beyond - Adapt Or Be Left Behind - How The Marketing World Is Changing

TRENDS 2014 & Beyond - Adapt Or Be Left Behind - How The Marketing World Is Changing | Designing  service |
It is massive, enormous, monumental, maybe even the second coming. Whatever you want to call it, we are currently experiencing more change in the marketing ecosystem then we have in the past 10 years...

Via Peg Corwin, Brian Yanish -
Peg Corwin's curator insight, November 12, 2013 8:13 PM

MUST-READ POST on all the changes in marketing now.

Learn about..

 - "The huge changes that currently changing mature marketing channels
 - The number of “Teenage” channels are coming into their own
 -  The flurry of newborn channels that have just emerged
 - New channels that don’t exist today, but are on the near term horizon
 -  Why all the change? "

Quote:   "New channels and tactics create new opportunities for those that have the flexibility and risk profile to take advantage early.  Change in the marketing ecosystem is only accelerating. So if you take one thing away from this post, it should be this. Adapt or die."

If you like this scoop, please consider a thumbs up or share.

Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, November 12, 2013 11:21 PM

Great article, lots of insights on where marketing is going in 2014 and beyond.

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Designing For WHAT IF: Why Website Designers Are About TO DESIGN LESS

Designing For WHAT IF: Why Website Designers Are About TO DESIGN LESS | Designing  service |

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, October 14, 2013 9:18 PM

Working on has been a lesson in web 3.0. Not QUITE here yet but BIG hints of What's Next include:

* The Cloud changes what and how we store.
* When you change what we store you change information architecture.
* You can see the beginning of "appification" of everything (smaller amounts of code executed faster and then updated frequently).
* Websites are becoming contingent on two THEMS (visitors and users of the Content Management System backend).

This last bullet is where the real design revolution lives. Once we design "what if, then..." contingent frameworks based on the needs of visitors (fully modeled based on personas and segments) and those using the CMS we've built we are DESIGNING less and THINKING more.

Each time we've placed limits on how our CMS will be used we've seen the need for LESS structure and more freedom. The logic of WHAT IT, THEN.... dictates a different approach to "designing a website".

This new approach will be less DESIGN and more flexibility, frameworks and user controlled functionality. Web designers, and this is not a new idea from me LOL, are becoming more like video game designers creating environments and contingent presentations.

So prepare to DESIGN less and LISTEN more as you use the new tools of web 3.0 to think in terms of contingencies and environments.


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Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work

Five Trends Shaping the Future of Work | Designing  service |

When it comes to the future of work there are a few key trends which business leaders need to pay attention to. Understanding these trends will allow organizations to better prepare and adapt to the changes which are impacting the way we work.

Via Kenneth Mikkelsen, HR Trend Institute
Ivon Prefontaine's curator insight, June 21, 2013 9:11 AM

The article seems to focus on digital technologies. We need to make sure healthy relationships and communities continue to emerge.