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So how do you get off those rocks and get ready to roll in 2014? Our recent report, “Predictions 2014: B2B CMOs Will Juggle Data, Brand, And Organizational Investments,” provides a prescription for three key initiatives that B2B CMOs must follow to prosper in today’s age of the customer:

Base 2014 strategies and plans on a strong data foundation.B2B CMOs must base product, messaging, and marketing execution decisions on data insights. Gut feelings, instinct, or “we’ve always done it this way” won’t cut it any longer.Redefine B2B as “business-to-buyer.”With easy access to information, empowered buyers have taken control of their entire buying journey. In 2104, B2B CMOs must shift their focus from targeting companies to speaking directly to these buyers as individuals across all touchpoints and channels in the buyers’ journey.Organize marketing around the customer. To respond to customers’ 2014 needs quickly and effectively, CMOs must replace their traditional channel-based marketing organization with a customer-defined, interconnected team model. Take Forrester’s marketing technology skill assessment to identify the team skills you need to develop.



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