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One of the misunderstandings of these days is that a designer has an artist or artisan background. In that approach designers are idea generators, visualizers and prototypers.   That is not our point of view. Our adagium comes from the management writer Herbert Simon, who stated that "Everyone designs who devises courses of action  aimed at changing existing into preferred ones".  As stated by others, this version of design tends to abstraction and general expertise.   The focus of this blog is service and services. In our world  service is exchanged for service. All firms are service firms; all markets are centered on the exchange of service, and all economies and societies are service based. And just even government and other institutions are always exchanging services for services. But be sure, in this era of change there is a heavy focus also on concept generation, visualization and digital concept and prototypes.   Interested in designing services? In case you are interested to follow,  check the options in the sidebar. You can follow this blog on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and via email and RSS. It is up to you! In case you are interested to connect on linkedin, please feel free to do so (some of this content is also posted on that platform).  
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How Do You Know When You’re Overdosing On Social Networks?

How Do You Know When You’re Overdosing On Social Networks? | Designing  service |

Social networks are captivating – there’s no doubt. The minds behind building the popular social media platforms of today knew exactly what they were doing and they saw it before any of us ever did. It’s a brilliant idea really – create a medium that allows people from all over the world to connect, share and collaborate like they never have been able to before in the history of the Earth. Incredible!

But an unforeseen (or potentially foreseen, but ignored) consequence is addiction. Social networks have been so good at “helping” us, but now they’re hindering us. From what you might ask? Well, ask your friends, family, parents, even children what they think. And although it is often joked about, it isn’t a joking matter.

Diagnosing Your Condition

Via Martin Gysler
Sigrid de Kaste's curator insight, February 21, 2013 6:15 PM

...mmm got to check this out in detail...because it might just apply to you!

malek's curator insight, February 21, 2013 6:26 PM

I didn't do it..I don't do it...overdosing??????

Martin Gysler's comment, February 23, 2013 3:22 PM
I think this matter could touch all social media user, also they who think they will never be in this case...
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7 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Skills And Influence - Forbes

7 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Skills And Influence - Forbes | Designing  service |

By this time next year we'll all be looking back at 2012 at the explosion of social media inside the workplace as one of the most amazing disruptors we've seen in business. But a lot of people are not well prepared for their new roles in social.... Are you?


Sean is a young guy in his first agency, hired because he understands social, right? Carrie is a little older and has worked in marketing for nearly a decade. Her boss has asked her to take on the department’s social strategy – because she’s senior yet still young enough to get it. Eric is a marketing director and worries that his career might slip away if he doesn’t start building his social profile outside and inside the enterprise.


How do these people find help?


Social media skills are becoming extremely important to employees, yet I think there is a very significant skills gap here....


Read  more:

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Beyond Blogging: Facing Up to Your Long-term Future

Beyond Blogging: Facing Up to Your Long-term Future | Designing  service |

This is a great read with many good advices... [note mg]


What happened to all the railroads? Have you ever pondered that question?

In the 1800s, the railroad industry in the U.S. was booming. New businesses were sprouting up every year, and inventors were creating newer and more efficient locomotives. First it was steam, then it was petrol, then it was diesel. Times were good, and America had a bright, rail-based future.


So what happened? Why isn’t the country blanketed in rail routes and why doesn’t everyone hop on the metro-line in front of their house each day to go to work? Today, the railroad companies are a shell of what they once were. Why? Because the automobile came along and ran them into the ground.


But did this have to happen?


No. There were things railroad companies could have done to cater to the people who made their businesses possible, but instead they dug in their heels and said, “We’re in the railroad business,” and they stayed the course...


Read more:

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Seven Online Considerations to Ponder During Your Break

Seven Online Considerations to Ponder During Your Break | Designing  service |

Every year gets tougher for operators of SME businesses, and you need to be making sure that you are not making it even tougher, by ignoring the impact of the online world, upon your industry and your business.


Trusting that you are not one of the unbelievably high percentage of SME businesses still ignoring the internet, and trying to get by without even a website as a basic online presence, the end of year break is a good opportunity to review where you are at, and what you need to change for next year.


This excellent article poses 7 questions you should ask yourself as part of such a review, the answers to which should help you to determine the direction of your online activities, in the coming 12 months.

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