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5 Ecommerce Checkout Tips - How To DESIGN For More Conversions Next Year

5 Ecommerce Checkout Tips - How To DESIGN For More Conversions Next Year | Design Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight: Lessons In Checkout Mechanics
We did a lot of things right with our initial design of our crowdfunding cancer research website, but there are some "checkout mechanics" that need tuning including:

* 1,2,3 Graphic.

* Trust Marks.

* Ability To SEE what is happening. 

* Too many Steps (superfluous information requested). 

* Doesn't FEEL Secure.


Your ecommerce or charity donations page should be in lockdown until next year. While checkout process changes can often bring the biggest ROI, they are to be avoided this close to a major deadline like 12.25.

1,2,3 Graphic
Always MAP your checkout process and then use a different color to indicate YOU ARE HERE. This repeatable graphic is a great TRUST creator and costs NOTHING other than the design time to create it.

Trust Marks
When I use the Trust Mark I DON'T use their widget. Widgets allow visitors to click on the logo and hear all about how great they are. NO ONE clicks on that link and the overhead for carrying the JavaScript is too high. I take a picture of the logo and use that (no link). If you must link to something link to your privacy policy, but be sure to include the same graphic at the top and begin with an explanation of the Trust Mark in your copy.

SEEING What Is Happening
Our current checkout has a popup to save a credit card. PopUps are horrible as they destroy confidence. Confidence is lost when customers can't SEE what they've done and how it relates to the end goal. "Relates to the end goal" is why the graphical map of your checkout process is so crucial.

Too Many STEPS
We have a profile creation page in our current checkout and we aren't doing anything with that data so a BIG NO NO. Don't PROFILE your customers during checkout since you will lose half of them. Profiling should be done via incentives and email marketing WHEN you have a curators need for the data (and not before). Once I can actually USE a picture of a donor THEN and ONLY THEN should that information be requested.

Must FEEL Secure
Trust Marks are so common no one sees them, but boy you sure see their ABSCENCE. Why make me wonder if you are secure. Slap a logo on your checkout and write the words TRUSTED and SECURE under them. Research shows the presence of the words is valuable as it provides context to the logos AND increases trust.

When we redesign's checkout I will be sure to share it so we can do a BEFORE and AFTER comparison (and a real graphic designer will polish my rough drafts).


Seth Storey's curator insight, October 23, 2013 12:15 PM

Great tips on good checkout design

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Look Inside and Steal From The Top 10 Converting Websites

Look Inside and Steal From The Top 10 Converting Websites | Design Revolution |

Marty Note
Great article sharing similarities and differences in the approach to ecommerce used by the Top 10 converting websites. When you look at these websites with your, "I want beautiful," glasses on you may be depressed. Don't be, learn from the tactics these high converting sites use such as remarketing. In fact, steal them blind since better conversion is the next web revolution.

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The 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Landing Page Design

The 7 Principles of Conversion-Centered Landing Page Design | Design Revolution |
Are you applying the principles of conversion-centered design to your landing pages? Well, you should be ...

Via Gregg Breward
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Landing Page Design Is A CSF
Landing Page Design is a Critical Success Factor. I saw an amazing statistic somewhere not long ago. The stat said those with more landing pages did much better than those with fewer. If we Freakonmics this stat we see there could be many reasons. 

Those with more landing pages may be better at email marketing, video marketing and design for conversion. The fact they have more landing pages is an indication that they understanding Internet marketing as a whole better than their cousins or other siblings. 

There is both ART and SCIENCE to creating landing pages that convert (like all things web design).  This post is an excellent summary of how to build a landing page that does what you want it to - convert visitors into customers. 

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