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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Burn Down Your Website via @Curagami [& Share Your Web Pain Story]

Burn Down Your Website via @Curagami [& Share Your Web Pain Story] | Design Revolution |

Social Mobile Web Blowing Up Web Design
The boxy unidirectional web design controlled by wireframes (boxes within boxes) is gone. The social mobile web is crushing, spinning and recreating web design as we write this sentence.

Don't let old "web design thinking" enslave. Help create a revolution in web design by sharing your favorite story of website PAIN. Every shopper, web designer or marketer has a favorite Website PAIN story.

SHARE YOUR STORY to help change the story :).M

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Suggested by India Art n Design!

Rebranding with Design via @IndiaArtNDesign

Rebranding with Design via @IndiaArtNDesign | Design Revolution |

Paul & Shark's new flagship store demonstrates how design can refresh a brand...

Rejuvenating a brand speaks volumes about the brand identity, its USP and its projected future, all rolled into a single wholesome experience. When B+H Architects were asked to work on the new flagship store in Hong Kong to augment the launch of Paul & Shark into the Asian markets, they capitalized on two aspects: fine craftsmanship and innovative spirit of the brand.

Marty Note
Appreciate India Art & Design sharing this post. The post is about how Paul & Shark used design to rebrand their stores and it gives us a chance to discuss one of our favorite aspects of web design.

All the world is a stage.

When team Curagami ( ) helps design an ecommerce website NOTHING is left to chance. In an ideal world we TEST everything before we pull triggers.

Ideal world's rarely exist, so we model many core details based on other similar tests or intuition (influenced by thousand of tests, reading and stealing from those we know test a lot lol).

NOTHING is left to chance.

Just as a store wraps around its shoppers websites wrap around visitors. Great ecommerce websites such as or understand HOW they set the stage frames the play. Websites as stage are far from a passive communication medium.

When you walk into a store the store's stage communicates a million messages to our "shopper brain". One day standing in Nordstrom I looked UP. Thousands of lights carefully directed reinforced store as stage. Nordstrom's display team must spend HOURS directing those lights (look up next time you visit a big box store).

Web designs use COLOR as "light". Color is a web designrer's klieg lights. Images come and go, but color is forever (lol). Online color creates excitement, awareness, a desire to take an action and chances shoppers will join, buy and share.

Look HARD at how B+H used color to reinforce Paul & Shark's "Brand Ideals", Unique Selling Propositions (well articulated in the article) and what we call Unique Customer Aspirations or UCA (how customers want to use a brand to actualize their aspirations and dreams for themselves) and ask yourself, "Does our web design do that too?".

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5 Web Design Problems With Faceted Search

5 Web Design Problems With Faceted Search | Design Revolution |

5 Problems With Faceted Search
Faceted search, those data sorting criteria you see on so many websites (on the left in the VW example) creates several web design issues including:

* Infinite Pages that can destroy SEO.
* Too Much Choice.
* Merchandising hierarchy based on attributes and sort.
* Data or engineering presentation that can overwhelm stories.
* Power moves from merchandises and marketers to tech.

Infinite Pages & SEO
Smart move is to robot.txt faceted search pages. Sending thousands of pages without social shares or much content to search spiders in this day and time is not a good idea. Faceted search tends to produce low social value pages when used by itself.

Faceted search can be used in combination with category page copy and social share widgets (highly recommended). Even in combination we suggest prioritizing pages that matter and sharing those with the spider while limit access to the infinite combinations even simple faceted search installs create.

Too Much Choice
Choice is a paradox one of my favorite books (Paradox of Choice by Schwartz) proclaims. Because you CAN do something doesn't mean its the right thing to do. Faceted search without help can quickly become overwhelming. Help can take many forms including:

* Top 10 Lists.
* Best Seller or Most Viewed badges, icons and ribbons.
* Sharing analytics such as people who bought x also buy y.

Cut down choice with feedback loops. Move your analytics closer to the "front" and your design and merchandising becomes less overwhelming.

Faceted search can make a merchandising team lazy. As we discussed in the previous Too Much Choice segment finding ways to curate, combine and merchandising within faceted search results based on analytics, curation and social preference creates collaboration between faceted search and your merchandisers. A website's merchandising team should be one of the most creative a powerful groups Don't let your merchandising team think your site merchandises itself (they never do).

We buy with emotion and justify with logic my P&G boss taught me a lifetime ago. The web is awash in DATA and we have a tendency to "widgetize" the emotionally resonate stories OUT of our websites thanks to tactics such as faceted search. If you use faceted search your team needs to find ways to build emotion IN. Testimonial teases, arresting images and snippets that lead up a ladder to a story are a few of the ways you can add emotion into a faceted search installation.

Power To TECH not PEOPLE
Curagami, our Durham, NC startup, works in an area with many startups. Startups tend to love and focus on the tech they create. We BUY PEOPLE not TECH. We trust PEOPLE not TECH so any faceted search installation needs a strong about page and a sense of who the team is behind the search results or trust is blown and the site riffs itself to itself. Finding ways to tell YOUR story inside a faceted search installation is a CSF (Critical Success Factor).

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

27 E-commerce Website Designs Scenttrail Hates & Why

27 E-commerce Website Designs Scenttrail Hates & Why | Design Revolution |

Marty (Scenttrail) Note: 27 Bad Ecommerce Designs
These CSS Design Award Winning sites illustrate why designers shouldn't be in charge of your commercial website. In a recent G+ post I shared our journey across time, place and money online (Why Time Is Money Online: ).

It's easy to get lost. We kept trying to make narrative, movie and book-like) logic work on our ecommerce site and it never did. To the extent we told stories we depressed conversions and we conducted these tests before the web was drowning in content.

Not that the web has been fully "content shocked" to within an inch of its life one of the FIRST jobs any ecommerce site must accomplish is loudly and clearly proclaiming their STORE-NESS.

These 27 "pretty picture" designs are find for big established brands people trust, but they would CRUSH a new commercial site. The "store-ness" is confusing. Are these content sites or can we buy stuff here.

Some communicate some "store-ness",but none have the "ditch digging" realities of large, successful ecom sites such as or Schwan' (highest converting ecom site in world). Call-To-Actions are missing (mostly), navigation is murky and not keyword dense and images don't you line of sight rules (viewers' eyes go where people's eyes in your images go).

Real ecommerce needs a few things to be successful that most of these sites ignore, miss or don't know such as:

* Email subscription forms (email list = your most profitable channel because YOU OWN IT, don't believe BS about email marketing being dead mobile is making email marketing different but dead =nope.
* AN OFFER - see's "daily deals" or Amazon's ability to sell any and everything.
* Great navigation balanced between seo and customer engagement.
* Images mapped to produce CLICKS where merchants want them.
* Every image, click and share creates analytics and data so part of what you need to map into an ecom design is WHAT DATA YOU NEED. Can't figure out what actionable thing I would know after a month's traffic on these designs.
* Sense of TIME and PLACE (what season are we in? Where are these sites?).
* TRUST and that comes from other people (testimonials, curation of User Generated Content and NONE of these have anything like that so unless they are major brands they won't pass the trust test with many shoppers).
* TRUST MARKS = didn't see a VISA or MC logo either. One way to create trust online is to align with brands and marks people already trust. Those badges look like ugly scars to designers and they help make merchants millions.
* Content - we love VISUAL MARKETING but some context such as the context one satisfied customer would share is a must.
* Design = Trust - we grant that these sites look amazing and looking amazing helps with creating trust, but junk 'em up a little and make more money.

That last bullet reminds me of a story from my P&G tenure. My boss Russ Mills taught me to never leave a display too neat. "People won't disturb a display that is too neat," he explained. These ecommerce designs are too neat for me (by half). If you aren't a major brand ignore every one of these 27 "inspirational" ecom web designs.

PS. Favorite has to be the example in the picture above. Not only do we chop people in half we ask visitors to kiss their behinds (lol). Opposite of the welcoming atmosphere I want to create on my ecom sites (lol) back when I was responsible for millions of online sales yearly. At my core I remain an online merchant, but I don't miss not sleeping and sweating sales numbers from now until Valentine's Day. Don't miss that at all :).

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50 Flat Fantastic Web Designs Shure To Look Good On Any Device

50 Flat Fantastic Web Designs Shure To Look Good On Any Device | Design Revolution |

Flat Design Rocks Mobile
Flat web design looks great on any device so it is one of he hottest trend i 2014. My faves from this group of great flat designs:

VeloSport (more because I'm a cycling nut)

Flatness in and of itself doesn't make a web design look good on mobile. Responsive design is the holy grail of platform agnostic design. Responsive + Flat more powerful than either of those ideas alone.

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from The ART of Storytelling!

Future of Storytelling Online? Convergence & Mashups as Illustrated By Unknown Spring

Future of Storytelling Online? Convergence & Mashups as Illustrated By Unknown Spring | Design Revolution |

Unknown Spring

In March 2011 Jake Price, a freelance producer for the BBC, journeyed to Tohoku, Japan to document the devastation left in the wake of the Pacific tsunami.

The  result of his trip is evident in his powerful and beautiful immersive web documentary, "Unknown Spring," which was awarded the World Press Photo Multimedia Awards...'

Via siobhan-o-flynn, Art Jones
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Agree with the @Art Jones note. The mashup of many channels into an immersive environment as illustrated by Unknown Spring is a fascinating and a sign of things to come. The execution on my mac was a tad bumpy, but the convergence of media, narration, navigation, image and "hero's journey" storytelling is powerful.

Here is the link to the Unknown Spring site:

Article about the "new" convergence storytelling:

Art Jones's curator insight, September 28, 2014 7:58 PM

Jake and his collaborators told this story using many different channels which provides a rich and colorful tapestry that became the fabric of this award winning documentary.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

65 Best Responsive Web Designs 2014 via

65 Best Responsive Web Designs 2014 via | Design Revolution |

Responsive Web Designs
Responsive design, forming a website's information so it looks great on any device, is becoming mission critical. Here are 65 of the best responsive designs in 2014 via

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I like Salesforce and SquareSpace and was surprised I didn't hate the Microsoft design.

Helen Stark's curator insight, September 30, 2014 3:53 AM

Unusual and creative responsive designs that look great on a huge monitor and a tiny smartphone screen - that's great

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MoMA Web & Graphic Design = Great Teachers

MoMA Web & Graphic Design = Great Teachers | Design Revolution |

Want To Learn Graphic Design?
Don't know about you but I learn best now by doing. I'm too old to sit in a classroom and listen. If I can't Tweet, G+ and Scoop I don't learn. I love the approach for how we train doctors for learning Internet marketing:

* Watch One.
* Do One.
* Teach One.

That last phase, teaching, is where whatever you are trying to do becomes solid and real. This is why social media, blogging and great tools like G+ are so valuable. We can share, teach, learn simultaneously.

When I created my first website in 1999 we couldn't afford to hire anyone. I learned photoshop and enough HTML to be dangerous and we set off on a journey.

Marshal McLuuhan was right. Today the medium is the message, so marketers need to speak graphics too or be too far behind (waiting on someone to create something). If you want to learn great graphic and web design FOLLOW, READ and LEARN FROM the Museum of Modern Art's design team.

Not a huge surprise MoMA would have a rockin design team, but more than brilliant designers these guys share and play well with others too and that was a tad unexpected. I would become a snotty jerk if my designers were good enough to work for MoMA.

Friends are laughing now. I know I will NEVER reach such graphic design heights, but that's okay because I know and can learn from great design when I see it (as can you). MoMA design rocks and they share so learn from these gifted artists / designers.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Who Did MoMA Hire To Create Their Web Store? Yugo Nakamura

Who Did MoMA Hire To Create Their Web Store? Yugo Nakamura | Design Revolution |

Japanese web designer Yugo Nakamura has created some cool sites. Great clean lines, white backgrounds, splashing of color, movement both real and implied reminds me of Haring, Warhol and de Kooning. #toogood #webdesgin

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding via HuffPost

The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding via HuffPost | Design Revolution |

Marty Note
Great HuffPost roundup of several important infographics and psychology of color studies. Which ones surprised you? Problem is every website wants ALL of those emotions, but not all at once (lol). Key is picking right color for right content / place on your site.

RED may SUCK as a homepage because it chases people away, but red could ROCK as an accent. Red "buy" buttons have only been beat ONE TIME in thousands of tests we've run. So find the right color conversation and have it at the right time.

At Curagami ( we think of colors as ways to help tell stories. We try to "match the hatch" of the story we are telling to colors in our images or within supporting graphics such as icons or widgets.

When our story is EXCITING we like RED or variations of it. We may also isolate the red by using black and white. Isolating red makes its power SHOUT in just the right minimal way sometimes. Too much red makes you want to RELAX so we may follow a RED with a soothing green or blue.

Websites are hub and spoke so it van be impossible to map stories to color in sequence. BUT if you match the PAGE to your colors you can win and be sure to daisy chain content telling the same story with enough similar colors and scenttrail to create a sense of connection. If you tell a GREEN story and suddenly smack your readers with too much red they RUN.

Win the page, link the page and win the psychology of color battle in your web design.

And YES I'm breaking my Big Blogs curation rule for the 3rd time in a day (lol). Soon as you state a stupid rule like that you break it and that is a definite RULE (lol). M

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

Linda Alexander's curator insight, September 23, 2014 11:09 PM

I've always found the reaction to color fascinating. Here is a terrific article related to the psychology of color....and how it might impact your BRAND.

Scott Langston's curator insight, September 23, 2014 11:52 PM

Emotion and marketing

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Why Red Is Deadly In Web Design! 15+ Best Examples

Why Red Is Deadly In Web Design! 15+ Best Examples | Design Revolution |

Marty Note
Red is an IMPOSSIBLE web design color except when it isn't. There is an excellent comment at the end of this post sharing the best red websites:

Ashley Pajak Comment

I find that red can very easily become too overpowering. Even though some of these are running into that, others display the color proudly and cleverly, such as the Venkat Portfolio and Svizra.

The only design I liked used red as an accent (Project 1,000). Others just made me want to RUN away. When I started designing websites in 1999 I read a book about red, white and black as a powerful combination of design elements.

The book pointed out the power of simple lines and few colors especially when done so from the MINIMAL school of online design made so popular now by MOBILE. There are flashes of that clarity in some of these designs, but red as a base color is tricky and difficult as many of these designs prove..

If you know great red or great red, black and white designs please share and we will update. Thanks, M

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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10 Top Flat Webdesigns Inspire

10 Top Flat Webdesigns Inspire | Design Revolution |

Great examples of flat webdesigns. Flat looks better as responsive design another way of saying it looks better on phones and pads. My faves here are the doesn't seem flat Beagle Ship and the Boldial WP theme.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from Graphics Web Design & Development News!

Conversations Scroll Visually: 3 HOT Web Design Trends:

Conversations Scroll Visually: 3 HOT Web Design Trends: | Design Revolution |

Check out the hottest web UI patterns used by Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, AirBnB, Tinder, and more.

Marty Note
This is a great web design scope full of examples and lots of good suggestions. At Curagami we are devoted to the conversations as The Next Ecom idea. Love the suggestion about conversational tone in forms.

Forms SUCK, but that doesn't mean you can ask for things in a MORE INTIMATE way than standard boring routine. The visual organization riff is evidence of a much larger tectonic shift - visual marketing is ruling the world.

Visual Marketing in a nutshell is...

1. GRAB attention with an arresting visual.
2. Tease a read with a great headline.
3. Snipit-ize your content so it daisy chains a series of "play list" like cliff hangers.
4. Move visitors to subscribers and buyers.

5. Create an ASK (such as Join our Ambassador Group).

6. Rinse and Repeat.

Via Jakarta Web Developer
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Best-Designed Mobile Apps via @Quora

Best-Designed Mobile Apps via @Quora | Design Revolution |

Best Mobile App Design
Mobile apps are great web design teachers. Flat, clean and simple are mobile design trends any web design can benefit from. This excellent Quora thread shares powerful mobile app design best in class. Our favorite  

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Web Design Iterations and Algorithms - Smashing Magazine

Web Design Iterations and Algorithms - Smashing Magazine | Design Revolution |

If you were to ask me what’s the best way to showcase your creativity, then I would definitely say that it is in designing a website.

Marty Note
I love the "behind the scenes" honesty and accuracy of this Smashing Magazine post. Smashing Magazine is a trusted source for me and this post is true to my experience of creating hundreds of websites and helping clients to create thousands more.

The article I was looking for was how to design for constant change, for the smaller iterations we take now. If you now of a post like that please share. If I can't find it after more searching I will just write it since it feels like content marketing and web design have changed.

Content marketing is about QDF now (discussed recently here:

If you have insight or resources that help explain how to design a web environment for maximum flexibility and an ease with the constant change we labor within these days please share. Thanks, Marty

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Best-in-Class eCommerce Web Designs via @conversioniq

Best-in-Class eCommerce Web Designs via @conversioniq | Design Revolution |

Best In Class From Conversion IQ
The other day I complained about "pretty picture' ecommerce sites that make conversion harder. So much of ecom is ditch digging. Ditch digging to make sure you have things such as:

* Email subscription form (prefer presence to popunders).
* Clearly ECOM - looks like a store with things to sell not content to read.
* Social (easy to find theirs and easy to contribute).
* Content Curation from social / comments / reviews (should feel like a party with people who share love / interests).

* Offers, deadlines and a sense of time (of the year today is Columbus Day for example).

These examples from Conversion IQ are closer to "ditch digging" ecommerce websites. Conversion either BUYING or into a list are easier, more clear and so these designs make more money than the pretty picture websites I shared last ( ),

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How Responsive Web Design Works [Infographic]

How Responsive Web Design Works [Infographic] | Design Revolution |
This infographic illustrates what responsive web design is, how it works, and why you should make the switch.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Responsive Web Design 
Here is an email I wrote to a friend this morning about responsive:

NO ONE understands mobile seo btw (lol). Not a huge leap to think that what makes a site responsive could also confuse the spider. Could also HELP the spider since the re-imagining of the information architecture should do things like:

* Move from novels to linked snippets. 
* Rely on tags (tags are about to be HUGE because they create new dimensions into the data). 
* Can open a site's content for social (reduce distance between THEM [customers] and US [site creators / managers]).
* Create clear meta data (goes with connected snippets). 

That last bullet puts stress on current database thinking and tech. With this many windows into the same data a developer must know about how to cononicalize a URL (or the dupe penalties will be crushing). Responsive websites become an evolving puzzle. As new pieces get created they must fit the existing framework or blow the whole thing up. 

That said, I don't see any way BUT thinking mobile first from here on out. In the end that is going to be a good thing for all of us, but transitioning is a bear :). Marty 


Tony Guzman's curator insight, October 6, 2014 11:28 AM

This infographic describes what responsive website design is and how to best accomplish it.

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Black White & Beautiful Web Designs Inspire

Black White & Beautiful Web Designs Inspire | Design Revolution |

Best Black & White Web Designs
Color is a tough master. Color sends many conscious and unconscious messages. Some websites strike out to create beauty with a simple palette.

Using only black and white these web designs show how powerful those two colors can be. Favorites include Sofa and Marck Ecko.  

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55 Blue Designs to Inspire & 5 Reasons Blue Rocks Web Design

55 Blue Designs to Inspire & 5 Reasons Blue Rocks Web Design | Design Revolution |

Marty Note
I LOVE Blue as a web design color. When I was a senior at Vassar I painted a common room in Main the blues of Keith Jarret's album Arbor Zena (in image). Took a week, but the room shared some of the same reasons I love blue for web designs.

5 Reason Blue Rocks Web Design
* Sends trust, strength, grace and beauty signals.

* Easy to manipulate ( shades of blue work online see LoewyDesigns).

* Works as accent or background.
* Images pop off of blue nicely.
* There are many text and font options with blue.

Here are my 3 favorites from the examples:
* LoewyDesigns (shades of blue).
* Black Sea Fisheries (for way blue caries type and fonts).

* - for how calming blue can be to chaotic multiple image Pinterest-like heroes

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

Art Jones's curator insight, October 1, 2014 11:15 AM

The color of TRUST

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J E N N Y O D E L L Cool Website via @RedBulletinUSA

J E N N Y O D E L L Cool Website via @RedBulletinUSA | Design Revolution |

Jenny Odell is a gifted artist, web designer, writer. The icon page in the Red Bulletin with a tiny name was intriguing enough to prompt a Google search. The Red Bull Bulletin is one of my favorite publications. 

The Bulletin is visually stunning but that's not all. The Odell page is a great example of the intelligent and very NOW sensibility Red Bull's Bulletin uses with such grace.

To intrigue, take advantage of how the world is not how it was and engage is so important in today's social / mobile / connected world. Red Bull's publication and core branding GETS IT.

The Jenny Odell page of tiny icons such as the Eiffel Tower, Spiral Jetty and squiggly lines requires WORK to see and decipher. Work to find out what the page is al about. Red Bull GETS that their customers are connected so they build in hooks to those capabilities.

Brilliant marketing I wrote about for Curatti in Red Bull's Branding Lessons: Why We Are All Media Companies Now: 

Jenny Odell's site  

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Remarkable Websites For Boring Products: 5 Tips [Scenttrail Unburied Lead]

Remarkable Websites For Boring Products: 5 Tips [Scenttrail Unburied Lead] | Design Revolution |

Angela Jones, a freelance designer in St. Charles, Illinois, uncovers how 7 websites promote their products in exciting ways.

Marty Note - Great From Boring
Loved this post, but they bury the lead. Their tips aren't sub-heads but buried in the copy about the example. I liberated their 5 tips to create exciting sites for boring products:

* Employ imagery and icons that speak to the benefits (i.e. tell a story and match with cool visuals).
* Focus on HEADLINES that describe your benefits (i.e. use trusted sources and let THEM tell your story).
* Write creative copy (there are NO BORING PRODUCTS only boring stories lol).
* Minimal and easy to navigate (always a winner in my  book too, but especially if what you are selling is boring. YES I will spend 3x the time it should have taken to order the new iPhone despite the horrible web design, your product...not so much, so make it easy to buy.)
* Create Community & Let THEM (your customers) supply the amazing stories. When YOU tell your brand's story it is always more boring than the same words from a customer.
* VISUALS - boring products benefit from great visuals. Tilt your boring product, hang it from the rafters, find a way to depict excitement and excitement flows downstream to your product.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) - What You & Graphic Designers Need To Know

Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) - What You & Graphic Designers Need To Know | Design Revolution |

Riffing Ascent Internet (Marty Note)
Jason Nelson from Ascent Internet just helped with a great guest blog post for Curagami about why "free websites" aren't so free (goes live tomorrow). Today I noticed he was sharing information about Content Delivery Networks, CDNs. I shared my experience with loading Akamai on the site my team and I managed back in the day.

CDNs are great, but there are issue you need to know about I share in the G+ post that riffed on Jason's original. I'm including this post in Web Design Revolution because its VERY important for graphic designers to understand CDN basics and potential issues.

The issues are confusing enough you can run around for a long time not realizing its your CDN installation causing that "page not found" problem. Great share by Jason and Ascent Internet and don't be so scared by my post you DON'T use an important tool in a social / mobile / connected time.

My note about CDN's & Ascent Internet's Share Is Here

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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17 Content Rich Sites for Web Design Inspiration

17 Content Rich Sites for Web Design Inspiration | Design Revolution |

We asked several developers what their favorite sources are for web design and code inspiration, and they pointed to these 17 wide-ranging sites.

Marty Note
I like several of these designs including Web Design Ledger and The Source for their creative balance between images, copy and headlines. There are so many things dancing on the head of a pin on any homepage such as:

* Your desire to SHARE everything.

* Their (visitor's) desire to find what they want.

* Navigation.
* Images.
* Headlines & Copy.

Getting all of these dancers to tell a coherent story in 9 seconds is the challenge. Usually as content being shared increases understand decreases. Several of these designs manage to present a lot of options intelligently.

Which one is your fav?

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

BTW, YES I am breaking a rule here and sharing content from a "Big Boy" blog (Mashable). Point I made about NOT curating content from the big boys anymore has exceptions.

Why I Stopped Curating Content From Big Blogs

I used BuzzSumo to find this design post and it has been shared at a moderate level for Mashabale. Design in general is an exception. I don't care WHERE great design content exists I will curate it (lol).

In this case I put a different spin on the Mashable take. They looked at these 17 examples as "good web design". They are that, but they are also great examples of how content can dance with its "tease elements" such as headlines and images.

Design content has to be some of the most READ content on the web  and we learn first and foremost from pictures and, once our attention is fully gained, words.

This was an excellent post and it was 3 levels deep in Mashable now. If this content ever appeared on the "celebrity obsessed" homepage I noted yesterday it was below the fold and a short homepage stay (I'm betting).

This content fits into the "contrary" exception I discussed on G_. I'm riffing solid content in a way they didn't so who cares who created it there is VALUE to be added (i.e. something they didn't see, something important to my readers who try to create sites balanced between content and commerce daily). M

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30 Black And Blue Web Designs Inspire [examples]

30 Black And Blue Web Designs Inspire [examples] | Design Revolution |

Details of the website as featured within CoolHomepages web design inspiration gallery.

Marty Note
Blue is a great color. There is a reason blue is many of your visitor's favorite color. Online blue is soothing, easy on the eyes and beautiful against black. My favorite is the UK design "" (used as the image above).

Love using opacity to "hide" things in plain view as that kicks in the curiosity of visitors and gets the click. Current Un.titled site isn't as interesting or special as the design noted here. . Love blue online and these examples show why.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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10 Web Designs Inspire Including "Names For Change" From Durham Urban Ministries

10 Web Designs Inspire Including "Names For Change" From Durham Urban Ministries | Design Revolution |

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

10 Great 2014 web design examples here. My favorite is the Urban Ministries of Durham "Names for Change" site created by McKinney (I think) right in my backyard (live in Durham, NC).  Great idea and execution.

Durham Urban website

Names for Change site

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