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Storytelling Is The New SEO [Raleigh SEO Meetup 3.26]

Google Panda and Penguin algorithm changes have a secret implication - that content is truly and finally KING. Not all content is equal. Some content has higher engagement potential.

Storytellig Is The New SEO discusses how leading online storytellers such as and weave stories into their website, communication and marketing.

Developing a gamification layer is key to making stories resonate over time. SEO is the New Storytelling discusses how to create three types of gamification: Active, Passive and Real Time.

Presentation was created for Raleigh SEO Meetup: on Tuesday 3.26 and will be broadcast live via a Google Hangout.

And yes, SEO is the great white whale :).

6,000+ views on Slideshare with 30% of those comeing from this page (1735). Impressive AND Scoopit leads keep coming long after Slideshare removed the presentation from their homepage.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

A great Question was asked on SlideShare (where the link goes), here is that question:

Gael de Talhouet, Global Digital Director at Henkel Hi Martin, Great pres. Now, you worked for P&G so you will understand my question : I perfectly get story telling for brands like Patagonia, but what can that mean for detergent or dishwashing brands ?

My Answer
Every brand must build an emotional connection. Tide does 'Loads of Hope' when they bring truckloads of washers and dryers to disaster relief areas so people can have clean clothes. When they do that the brand's dimensions include emotional connection and social relevance. If you think of Jim Stengel's book Grow you realize Tide is about PRIDE and so restoring pride after a disaster is perfectly aligned with the brand. Good question. Hope that helps.

Parker Donat's curator insight, April 9, 2013 6:53 PM

I'm a huge fan of this Slide by Marty Smith. 

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, April 10, 2013 10:46 AM
Thanks Lisa, Jonny and Parker. You guys ROCK :). Marty
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, April 10, 2013 10:47 AM
Thaks to the "other Martin" too. Martin Sturmer ROCKS too.
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Design Is A Search For Form: Objectified film by Gary Hustwit

Design Is A Search For Form: Objectified film by Gary Hustwit | Design Revolution |

Objectified Primer In Product Development & Design
If you want to make stuff sit down this weekend and watch Gary Hustwit's Objectified.  Hustwit's film is one of the best walk through the design process we've seen. We've developed a handful of products and the process to turn an idea from murky thoughts to physical reality isn't described well in books. 

The product development journey is simultaneously individual and universal. Each designer's take is different but elements of the design process stay common such as:

* Vision.

* Prototyping.
* Testing.

* Design.
* More Testing.

* Launching.

* Modification and evolution.

If you want to make stuff watch Objectified this weekend.  

xoj9's curator insight, July 17, 2:05 PM

for the Makers out there

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Web Design Jazz (video) via @Curagami

Web Design Jazz (video) via @Curagami | Design Revolution |

Web Design Jazz is the conversational alchemy that is website design riffing important conversations your brands have with visitors and potential customers. What about you? What conversations are your having with customers? How did you get there? 

Check out our Web Design Jazz video and join the conversation:  

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What Do 17,162 Know About SEO You Need Too? #seo For Web Designers via @HaikuDeck

What Do 17,162 Know About SEO You Need Too? #seo For Web Designers via @HaikuDeck | Design Revolution |

17,162 People Later
We've been asked to make the presentation that created our most viewed Hiaku Deck again at the Iron Yard Code Academy again (made the first presentation six months ago). There were important ideas we shared last time:

* SEO THRIVES or DIES with graphic designers.

* Graphic designers are heroes under siege by many groups.

* Set REALISTIC expectations.
* Set reasonable boundaries (with gorillas looking for bananas).
* Shared a few easy to remember tips to help designers improve their technical SEO skills.

Obviously we hit a nerve. We will be updating benchmarks shared six months ago to see how those we mentioned fared since.  Remember technical SEO is important, but your content must engage, be exciting (visually too) and develop sustainable online community to win over time. 

Good luck and if you have SEO questions we didn't cover email them to martin(at) and we will include and send you a Curagami Rules tee.  

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Design Revolutions Arrives At Curagami Thanks To Scoopit Bus

Design Revolutions Arrives At Curagami Thanks To Scoopit Bus | Design Revolution |

Design Revolutions Now On Curagami
Finally decided to use's easy to use embed tool. The tool makes it easy to add content curation to a blog. Simply copy the embed code and your Scoops appear inside your blog. 

Why would you want Scoops on a blog? Content curation has more reach and costs less than content creation. Content curation is or can become a big help to content creation.  

The "4th Estate" for is finding ways to bring the easy content curation creates with a company's content marketing.'s easy to use embed (you embed the feed) bridges the 4th estate of content marketing. Well done! 

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Why You Need A Website MacGuffin - Curagami

Why You Need A Website MacGuffin - Curagami | Design Revolution |
Website MacGuffins are ideas such as Free Shipping whose absence hurts more than their presence helps. What are your website's MacGuffins?
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Be Something Ecommerce via @Curagami

Be Something Ecommerce via @Curagami | Design Revolution |

Good News & Bad News
As a rare web marketer with more than ten years experience,  I created our first site in 1999 (gone now sadly), we want to confirm something every likely reader of our online marketing post already knows - the low hanging fruit is gone plucked by previous generations of pickers.

What to do now? Be something online and start today with these "be something now" tips. 

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Suggested by Lior Frenkel!

Badass List of Free Stock Photos Websites for Designers

Badass List of Free Stock Photos Websites for Designers | Design Revolution |
Why is it so freaking hard to find high quality, high-res free stock photos? Here are the most awesome free stock photo websites + tools.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Can never have too many sources for images. This post covers a few that were new to us. 

malek's curator insight, May 26, 11:00 AM

Your lucky day with a great pic on "Stock Photos". Otherwise, try flickr under creative common.

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7 Simple Ecommerce Design Tips Infographic - Curagami

7 Simple Ecommerce Design Tips Infographic - Curagami | Design Revolution |

7 Easy To Forget Simple Ideas
As you design your ecommerce store keep in mind these easy to forget but sure to make you more money online commerce tips:

* Sight Lines - visitor eyes go where your models eyes go so point them at something good.
* CTAs - don't be afraid to tell your customers what to do with Calls To Action.

* Email - email marketing is the ability to communicate with your tribe without asking permission from a middleman.
* Internal Search - tells you if your navigation is working and what customers are looking for so use data from internal search.

* 80:20 Rule -  a small set almost always controls a larger set online so find your 80:20 rules and design, merchandise and sell to them.

* Keywords - make sure you use keywords in your navigation and use a rewrite tool to show visitors one set of keys and spiders another.

* Community - create an ASK (for help) and listen more than you talk and online community will form.  

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Empathy & @DavidAmerland's Sunday Read: A Web & Life Design Lesson

Empathy & @DavidAmerland's Sunday Read: A Web & Life Design Lesson | Design Revolution |

Marty Note
@David Amerlandis one of the great THINKERS of our generation and he gives much of his work away (as we all do, but his thoughts are worth more than most). Every Sunday David Amerland on G+ shares a “Sunday Read”. Since my prism leans toward web marketing I see lessons in today’s Sunday Read for Internet marketers and web designers.

David is discussing "life design", but web designers would be well advised to watch the TED talks he references and build empathy into their lives and websites. David is a "must follow". Find his blog, twitter and GPlus links in the post and follow him if you want to learn how all of this stuff really works.

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What Do 12,000 People Know You Should Too? #seo for #webdesign

What Do 12,000 People Know You Should Too? #seo for #webdesign | Design Revolution |
Web designers shouldn't be SEO experts since keeping up with DESIGN is a full-time job. But web designers are where SEO rubber meets the Google Road so understanding a handful of ideas is critical to the online success of any designers creations.
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60 Top Parallax Scrolling Examples Inspire

60 Top Parallax Scrolling Examples Inspire | Design Revolution |

Parallax scrolling is a popular design technique used on websites in order to create an illusion of movement on the screen, to help engage website visitors and move visitor yes where you want them AND parallax scrolling plays beautifully on mobile devices!.

Here are 60 examples of great parallax scrolling.

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No Bait & Switch Parallax Ecommerce Designs PLEASE

No Bait & Switch Parallax Ecommerce Designs PLEASE | Design Revolution |

Bait & Switch Parallax
Earlier today we shared a Scoop on ecommerce web design trends ( ). CycleMon is a good example of falling in love with an idea, parallax scrolling, and forgetting ecommerce basics such as 1. DON'T MAKE ME THINK and 2. You have 9 Seconds to tell me what you are all about.

Cyclemon forces customers to scroll to the bottom of a long list of designs BEFORE they proceed to a Cafe-Press like store. WRONG. Don't be so impressed with your designs you make me spend precious TIME scrolling through ALL of them.

OR if you do so ask me a question. What design best describes you? Cyclemon could use a tag or make their images clickable to clue their customers faster. Don't FORCE your customers to follow YOUR line through the forest of your products.

And, don't bait and switch. When Cyclemon LOOKS one way during the scroll and another after the click they violate the scenttrail rule - whatever is on the other side of a click must resemble and amplify what is on the other side.

Cyclemon violates the rule because they leave the ecommerce to after a long scroll and click. This is like inviting an insurance salesman to lunch. Be more clear upfront and you won't violate the Scenttrail Rule.

Oh and one more thing. The Cyclemon page defined our laptop as mobile. Make sure your sniffer is reading correctly before you expose it to the world or you lose trust and legitimacy both things needed if customers are going to open their wallets.

Wes Thomas's comment, April 11, 9:23 PM
Thanks for the insight
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How To Create An Amazing About Us Page [video] & Where To Share Your Faves via @Curagami #favaboutus

Best About Us Pages
Team Curagami is looking for great About Us pages. Our fav is hits all the "pillars" of a great about page including:

* It SOUNDS like them.
* Includes A Creation Story.
* Guiding Values Statement.
* Save The World Cause.
* Movement Outline (so people want to JOIN).
* Some external confirmation ( for REI).'s About page has each of these "Great About Page" pillars. The page is also social, aware of itself (thus the question about how does it land at the bottom) and community focused.

By using a picture from a customer, noting the customer's name and paining the page with social share widgets says, "We are a community, a movement you should join if you too care about having fun in the great outdoors".

Well done About Page that tells THEIR story beautifully and invites customers in. Share your favorite About Us page and, if we use your suggestion, we will send a Tech Cures Cancer Tee along with our thanks.

Find our Video about About Us pages on YouTube

Find our Ask for Help Haiku Deck here

Send to martin(at) or Tweet with tag.


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Web Design: What's Next With Smarts & Surprises via @jowitaziobro

Web Design: What's Next With Smarts & Surprises via @jowitaziobro | Design Revolution |

Smart Web Design Trends Post
@jowitaziobro taught our team some important ideas about what's next in #webdesign this morning. She states her goal as digging deeper than the usual suspects in web trends and she succeeds. Here are her 7 What's Next in Web Design Trends:

1. Gestures are the new clicks.

2. The "Fold" is dead (longer swipe-y pages see #1).

3. Websites are quicker users too (so lack of speed kills).

4. Pixel is dead (we used to limit our image sizes and "weight" with the web's advanced caching and Content Delivery Networks no need for such limitations anymore).

5. Animation is back (and about to be in a big way).

6. Components and frameworks are the new design and programming (need to reread and think on this one some).

7.  Social Media is dead long live "direct" email. 

Great post for a Monday. Hell great post for any day. Well done Jowita. Rock on. Marty  

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Presenting SEO For Web Designers @HaikuDeck Today @AmerUnderground in Durham 10 - 11

Presenting SEO For Web Designers @HaikuDeck Today @AmerUnderground in Durham 10 - 11 | Design Revolution |

SEO For Web Designers
Web designers are where rubber meets road for Search Engine Optimization, but it is unrealistic to expect designers to become SEO experts. This Haiku Deck sets reasonable expectations and outlines a handful of technical SEO best practices sure to help any web designer understand the most Darwinian of practices - today's SEO.  

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Can An Amazon Store Teach Web Marketing? Yes & Here's How via @Curagami

Can An Amazon Store Teach Web Marketing? Yes & Here's How via @Curagami | Design Revolution |

How Become A Great Web Marketer?
Every time I suggest this idea to B2B content marketers they roll their eyes and think my suggestion stupid. Everyone can learn new ideas, ideas that inform all digital marketing, from creating an online store.

Each day someone asks how they can learn Internet marketing? Hard to sit in a classroom and learn this stuff. Better to DO IT and no better thing to do than use a tool such as Amazon's Associates to create an online store.

Think of how much stronger your personal brand would be if a potential hiring manager could see what you are reading, ask you questions about those books and get to know you long before an offer is made.

We live in a DIY time when 60% or more of the decision about YOU and your company's products, services and brands will be made BEFORE any active engagement (before picking up the phone or asking you to interview).  

Given how much scrutiny your brand is under BEFORE you ever meet a prospect be it for a job or to make a B2B sale wouldn't it be a good idea to do something simple, engaging and fun to show how much you know about digital marketing. Let's see say I have two resumes on a pile and qualifications are equal, but one has a link to a blog & a "bookstore".

Which resume gets more engagement? Let's say your B2B Software As A Service Company is up for a big project. I go to your site and see the books that made you. I, as the hiring manager, have read several of them. We have a connection now and who am I more likely to hire?

HUGE benefits for half a day's work and work that teaches you more about how the web really works than every class you are likely to take (unless I'm teaching it of course lol). DO don't STUDY and you will understand one of the most important concepts about web marketing.  

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Best Website Design May be NO DESIGN

Best Website Design May be NO DESIGN | Design Revolution |

Burn Down Your Website
Websites are cool and a great marketing aid...until they aren't. If the line of when they aren't isn't behind us we are approaching it. What is a "website" when we share posts on Medium, and GPlus?

 Feels like the idea of a website as a MUST GO HERE to interact with our marketing message is hopeless out of touch. Even when we do GO to a website what are we looking for? 


The typical talking to yourself about yourself marketing that most flog online feels more than dead, it feels dangerous. Google's vote is clear - if your content doesn't create an increasing number of likes, loves, shares and loyalty your website is screwed, blued and tattooed.

Especially if someone in your immediate competitive sphere knows how to THROW DOWN, create community and MOVEMENTS instead of the usual solipsistic crap. Keep talking to yourself while someone else in your business vertical is hosting a party and you will be waxed.

Waxed because what really matters NOW is LOVE. If your win hearts and minds because you are honestly all in and listening hard you get to "win". If you are amazing you create blue oceans and uncontested competitive space for however long the ride lasts. Talking about FUN.

This Haiku Deck discusses the death of tactical web marketing. You can't out email market my team and I, or not for very long. We've been doing this crazy biz since 1999. You can gain an inch and we are likely to come back and take a mile.

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Make Your Blog Look Like A Mobile App - Curagami

Make Your Blog Look Like A Mobile App - Curagami | Design Revolution |

Jetpack's cool icon feature creates, adds & shares a mobile app like icon & link for your blog on you & your customers smartphones for free. 

Why do this? Because coolest thing since sliced bread to hit your customers is their smartphones. Getting your blog linked there is ONLY a good thing for your content marketing, community building and ecommerce.  

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Unique & Creative Text-Focused Websites Inspire

Unique & Creative Text-Focused Websites Inspire | Design Revolution |

Typography is an important but often under-represented part of a website's layout. With so much focus being placed on the presentational aspects of CSS and the use of large images and media that choke bandwidth restraints; it’s nice to occasionally remember that textual content can also make an impact on users and their experience. Content remains king, and a few good fonts can make even the simplest of sites look smart - though not so many that you have to wait for ages for the text to be visible.

Because of this, I’m going to show you a few handpicked examples of sites that make their content look terrific, and why you should consider following their example in your own work. We’re going to take a journey of how elegant typography can make a site shine; looking at the bold, creative, navigational, simplistic and interactive content that makes the designer's voice speak volumes - so let’s get started!...

Via Jeff Domansky, Os Ishmael
Jeff Domansky's curator insight, May 27, 12:01 AM

Here's to the power of typography in website and landing page design.

malek's curator insight, May 27, 7:54 AM

Headings grab our attention, but the body of content is what makes us stay. 

Jasmin Davies-Hodge's curator insight, May 28, 5:07 AM

Remember,  content is king!

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Tease Marketing - ScentTrail Marketing

Tease Marketing - ScentTrail Marketing | Design Revolution |
Tease marketing because in overwhelming times marketing needs to underwhelm, tease and inspire customers to find their truth and yours. Tease the click.
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SEO For Web Designers via @HaikuDeck

SEO For Web Designers via @HaikuDeck | Design Revolution |

Web Designer SEO
Our SEO Tips for Web Designers hit a nerve. It is heading to 13,000 views (probably today). We hit a nerve because web Designers are where SEO rubber meets the road. This Haiku Deck is full of SEO tips for web designer including:

* Know who has the banana and why.
* Know how much SEO you need to know.

* Learn what is MIST vs what is Gorilla.
* Listen Digitally.
* Understand how SEO & Content marketing work together.

* Design to Win Hearts, Minds and Loyalty. 

And More SEO tips designed for designers.  

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Screen Capture Videos ROCK with Camtasia - Review via ScentTrail Marketing

Screen Capture Videos ROCK with Camtasia - Review via ScentTrail Marketing | Design Revolution |
Screen Capture Videos are an inexpensive, easy way websites can enter the video marketing revolution. Camtasia Studio screen capture video software review.
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Best of Indian Web Design with A Clear Standout

Best of Indian Web Design with A Clear Standout | Design Revolution |

Indian web design is marked by innovation, clear Calls-To-Action and graceful use of current and future technology. "In India my generation," my friend Ravi told me the other day, "went right to mobile skipping laptops and desktops altogether".

I was looking at these sites with my laptop and expect they look great on smart phones too. Nothing like having must of your customers using mobile tech to make mobile first in both responsive templates and impressive data architecture (easy to see how these sites would accordion in mobile.

The foodie site lives up to its great name. The content, despite their not being "here" yet, is fresh, beautiful to look at and engaging. Zomato is about FOOD and, much like India herself, has few preconceived notions about what that means. .

Instead they curate with clear passion and grace. Every Indian site we studied had a clear sense of GET TO IT many American sites could learn from. Indian web designers know how to "tease", charm and win clicks by providing just the right information at the right time.

Many American designers seek to overwhelm and thus end up speaking to themselves about themselves. Better to box not look for the haymakers we seem to love so much here these great Indian web designed sites illustrate.

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Create Sticky Stories - James McQueen via @HaikuDeck #setyourstoryfree Gallery

Create Sticky Stories - James McQueen via @HaikuDeck #setyourstoryfree Gallery | Design Revolution |
Made to Stick explains why some ideas become popular while others wither and die. What makes ideas ‘stick’ in the mind, and how to make them work for you.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Love how James builds on ideas from the Heath brothers (Made To Stick = one of my favorite books). Stories are how we transfer emotion AND facts. What is that old Indian saying:

"Tell me a fact, and I’ll learn. Tell me a truth, and I’ll believe, but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever. "

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Create a Roku Channel in 5 Minutes Because VIDEO & CHANNELS = Future of Online Marketing

Create a Roku Channel in 5 Minutes Because VIDEO & CHANNELS = Future of Online Marketing | Design Revolution |

Ever have one of those light bulb moments. We had one tonight about the future of online marketing when we were able to get our Curagami YouTube channel on our "smart TV" thanks to our Roku box running an app.

You can seen our Curagami YouTube Channel here:

You can read the steps we took to get Curagami on TV here

Next stop is creating our own Roku Channel and learning more about how to segment and use YouTube. The link on this Scoop takes you to a post explaining how to create a Roku channel in 5 minutes. Roku is not full of blockbuster channels and how cool would it be to play in the same space as HBO and Amazon?

The price? Practically NOTHING now. Won't stay there for long, so get grandfathered in start your online marketing down the future's lane today.

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