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18 Surreal Dreamlike Website Designs Inspires

18 Surreal Dreamlike Website Designs Inspires | Design Revolution |
Creative website can say a lot about the company or person it represents. Especially if it's for anyone involved with design.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Dreamy, floating and surreal these website designs inspire.

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Seven Great "Get It" or "Not" Content Design Questions

Seven Great "Get It" or "Not" Content Design Questions | Design Revolution |

Found these great questions on a site that was a tad too spammy to post the link here, but excellent questions for marketers and designers. Answering these six questions helps define if you get it or not:

* Always-on: Are you publishing at least daily?

* Editorial: Are you publishing content that is being shared?

* Independent: Do you own the platform delivering content?

* UX: Do you control all aspects of the user’s experience?

* Networked: Is content optimized for distribution?

* Measured: are Key Performance Indicators in place?

* Monetizable: Could your platform be someone else’s paid media?

Well done questions. How did you make out on the "get it" or "not" scale.


Instituto ICONOS's curator insight, September 2, 2013 9:22 AM
Seven Great "Get It" or "Not" Content Design Questions
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Funky Webdesign Ideas [some great, some horrible]

Funky Webdesign Ideas [some great, some horrible] | Design Revolution |
If you spend enough time online, it's surprising how much most websites start to look alike. Sure, there are variations, but to a large extent, web design is

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, some cool web design ideas here and some HORRIBLE ones. I like Wolf & Badger: Current site doesn't look like the FLASH example.

Never use Flash at this point as it kills SEO and its not "trending" in the right direction). Some of these ideas are a mess, but see which ones are your favorites. Always good to see where the line is. Some of these sites are well over the line.

New design isn't as funky, but it is solid. The idea of walking a customer into the middle of a strange fantasy seen and letting them find their links would not normally be something I would like since it obscures instead of makes clear.

The Online Shop (lower right) is what sold me on this fantasy. I also think we are in a time when sites are sites and so BORING. The Flash needed to be killed but check out the link to there new site and see if you don't still rock a good design.

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Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design

Top 10 Mistakes in Web Design | Design Revolution |

The 10 most egregious UX offenses against users. Web design disasters and HTML horrors are legion, though many usability atrocities are less common than they used to be.

Marty Note
If you took a day and fixed any of these Top 10 Web Design Mistakes That Apply you would make 50% more this holiday season. These are "cost of poker" fixes that can easily remain for years and years. Every year one of these mistakes exists your website is 10% less effective.

When you make 2 or more of these mistakes you pay with an order of magnitude more pain for each added mistake so 2 mistakes doesn't cost you 20%. No 2 mistakes cost you 200% of what your website could be doing for you.

Fix all 10 of these basic problems and your site is on its way to its "mission critical" place in your company.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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"Had Script, Needed WARRIORS" - 30 Lessons In Creativity via Jodorowsky's Dune

Greatest Film Never Made
"What is he purpose of life," the director Jodorowsky asks in this must view documentary film for any creative, "to create a soul". The amazing creativity and vision of El Topo's director is shared in a series of linked stories.

Much like any creative's mind, this film flies between the surreal, heroic, mystical and crazy. Stories about Orson Wells and Pink Floyd are rich in "sounds true" detail, but pales in comparison to the "I can't type that fast" advice shared.

Advice such as:

* Be all in.
* Be a prophet.

* When it comes to missions THINK BIG (something important for humanity).
* Start with clear ideas, but find and respect "light of genius".
* Challenge people to find their best.
* Give Morning Motivation speeches.
* Your VISION should become OUR IDEA.
* OUR Ideas become art.
* When you think you are looking at a rock its an object & vice versa.
* Lucky enough to meet a prophet FOLLOW HIM.
* Be supportive of others.

* Transport people. MOVE THEM.
* Look for and work with WARRIORS (life is too short for anything else).
* Imagine and then imagine again.
* No such thing as "too far".
* Let the work rule.
* One man's obsession is another man's art.
* MOTIVATE others.

* If you can Seduce Salvador Dali DO SO.
* Create enigmas.
* If chance puts Dali at your hotel, send him a strange note.
* When you find a clock in the sand discover who lost it.
* Create MOVEMENTS and ART with your life.
* If Dali asks you for a helicopter, GIVE IT TO HIM.
* Dali gets you Giger, Giger gets you Magma (and so on).
* If you can get a meeting with Mich Jagger, TAKE IT.
* If Andy Warhol invites to the FACTORY, go there.
* Plan everything, Plan Nothing (chance).
* When you see Orson Wells in a Paris restaurant, send wine.
* Live a EULOGY Life not a Resume Life.

That last bullet picks up on a great David Brooks TED Talk I wrote about on LinkedIn yesterday: 

Hope you are living a Eulogy Life. Jodorowsky sure did. I had to be shoved kicking and screaming on the Eulogy train by the Big C. Glad I got on this train even if it turns out to be the last train from Clarksville :). M

Are you a "plural being"?

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Data Visualization = The New Infographic - Circos Circular Gets Your Inner Visual Geek On

Data Visualization = The New Infographic - Circos Circular Gets Your Inner Visual Geek On | Design Revolution |

How To Succeed Visually
Sorry all the low hanging fruit is long gone. If you want your website and marketing to stand out you are going to have to go high up on the tree or find another tree. Circular Data Visualization with Circos helps you create a new tree.

Yes there is some UI pain and some RETHINK pain, but that's good for several reasons:

* No Free Lunches Anymore - Everything Going To Be Painful Now.

* Learning Curve Protects The Niche WHEN You Get In.
* Like Going Down The Rabbit Hole & Pulling Cover Over As You Fall.

If you are a web designer looking for a way to REALLY rock your bosses world here's one way - tap your inner geek to create killer visual marketing. 

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8 Reasons Web Designers Should Edit Video Too via HOW Design with 4 From @Curagami

8 Reasons Web Designers Should Edit Video Too via HOW Design with 4 From @Curagami | Design Revolution |

8 Reasons Web Designers Should Edit Video Too

This post shares four resume-reasons web designers should learn to edit videos such as::

* Video is growing fast.
* Make more money.
* Expands career opportunities.

* Great For self-promotion.

Team Curagami ( ) has 4 more reasons that are more abstract but no less valuable:

* Videos, like websites, tell stories.

* Designing to seamlessly incorporate video is an important challenge few have mastered.

* Video editing is similar to web design just add time.

* Video editing brings a new dimension to web design (i.e. it adds time).

We designers with video skills design better websites and better videos.


Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Time To Go Pageless? 8 Reasons Why Pageless Design is Future of Web Design

Time To Go Pageless? 8 Reasons Why Pageless Design is Future of Web Design | Design Revolution |

Pageless design frees websites from the outdated conventions of print design and fully utilizes the digital platform they’re built on. 

8 Compelling Reasons Why "Pageless' Web Design Wins (in the end):

* Tells a better story.

* Easier to "digest" or understand what to do.

* Emotionally more powerful.

* Higher Conversion Rates!!!
* Makes updating faster & easier.

* Lowers BOUNCE & encourages sharing.

* Looks great on all devices (mobile included).

* Lower cost to develop.

Marty Note
I confess to not being in love with the "infinite scroll" just yet. One modification we worked out for @Curagami, our Startup Factory funded startup, is to include a Call-To-Action at the top & Bottom.

CTAs help prepare the scroll. Remember "open book" tests? Putting a CTA on top of a waterfall of content helps prep a visitors mind. It "opens the book" for them. With this many impressive benefits I'm going to have to figure out how to start loving "pageless" design (lol).

I bet there are 5 (or so) similar modifications we can make to help us know how to create the paths and conversion we want by going "pageless".  

Jakarta Web Developer's curator insight, July 9, 8:16 PM

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Best Website Designs via @HowBrand

Best Website Designs via @HowBrand | Design Revolution |
An engaging site that fights homelessness, a resource for seeing fonts in use, and a stylized design app are some of the best website designs chosen for this month.
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HOT or NOT? Top 10 Summer Web Designs, Vote Now & Magic of - Curagami

HOT or NOT? Top 10 Summer Web Designs, Vote Now & Magic of - Curagami | Design Revolution |
Seasonality creates relevance & relevance creates community. Every website's hero should change at least 4x a year: Summer, Fall, Winter & Spring.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

This Curagami post shares our favorite Top 10 Summer Web Designs in the hope people will VOTE for theirs and share ones we missed. The post also shares a link from @Mike_Alton about the magic of (the Digg-like tool that runs the social voting engine that's free and easy to embed).

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What Is A MacGuffin & Why Web Design Needs To Include Them - Curatti

What Is A MacGuffin & Why Web Design Needs To Include Them - Curatti | Design Revolution |
MacGuffins are plot devices in films & conventional web design "best practices" that hurt more in absence than presence helps. How to design for MacGuffins.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Website MacGuffins include Free Shipping, Satisfaction Guarantees and email subscription boxes. Important to know what has reached "MacGuffin" status in your business. This post explains what a MacGuffin is and how to design for yours.

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11 Examples of Colour and Texture in Web Design Inspire

11 Examples of Colour and Texture in Web Design Inspire | Design Revolution |

Color & Texture
This share bucks the flat monochrome color trend being driven by mobile, but its hard to deny the sensual impact of just the right color and texture as in Paid to Exist and other examples here. Brilliant.

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45 Red HOT Website Designs That Use Red In Inspiring Ways

45 Red HOT Website Designs That Use Red In Inspiring Ways | Design Revolution |
Red is one of the most used colors out there. Among other things it symbolizes passion and courage  and it has a strong visual impact. Numerous designers implement it in their work either in logos, backgrounds or other website elements. In today’s article we have selected 45 web designs using the color red in various …
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Apple In Numbers | video

Apple In Numbers | video | Design Revolution |
Apple In Numbers

How many iPads are sold every minute? Why did The Beatles sue Apple? How much money has Apple got stashed abroad? Find out here!
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:


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70 Stunning Responsive Sites Inspire #responsive #webdesign

70 Stunning Responsive Sites Inspire #responsive #webdesign | Design Revolution |
Mobify is a mobile e-commerce optimization platform used by leading online retailers to deliver exceptional responsive shopping experiences.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Attending Search Exchange in Charlotte and MOBILE seems to be the dominant theme so here are 70 examples of responsive web design. On a laptop or desktop and want to see "responsive" design? Shrink your window and watch as the content adjusts to tablet and then phone size.

Martina Patone's curator insight, Today, 4:58 AM

responsive stunning website


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5 Quick Tips About Images & Web Design

5 Quick Tips About Images & Web Design | Design Revolution |

Hard Won Lessons
I spent almost a million dollars of OPM (Other People's Money) learning these five lessons about images and web design, so lessons learned the hard way:

1. Portraits Are Powerful
Portrait images where the model looks directly at the camera, are powerful "welcoming" images great for home, about and category "splash" pages.

2. Babies are DYNAMITE - Use Carefully
Thanks to our ancient caveman brain we can't NOT look at babies. Problem is that is not a secret so babies are now overused to hock insurance, tires and shampoo. If you use a baby my preference is to have the baby looking AT something.

Visitors eyes go where the eyes of people (or babies) are looking, so point your baby image directly at an important Call-to-Action and bet your conversions go up.

3. People Talking To Each Other = DANGEROUS
There may be context where it makes sense for you to have an image where people in the image are huddled together, but I doubt it. If you have two people huddled and a third looking directly out at the camera the image works better.

We respect a huddle. We don't want to intrude, so your web image is working against your online marketing purpose. Your image says we are here having a conversation and YOU (visitor) aren't invited. Not a good idea.

4. People Sell Better Than Widgets, but...
I  prefer to tell human stories even about the most widgety widget, but people bring "like me" problems too. Every visitor is looking for "like me" signals. If you know your archetype and tribe well enough to risk it use images of people consistent with your understanding.

If you have a wide variety of customers and members best to avoid single archetype "like me" images. This is yet another reason I like portraits. Portraits are "universal" meaning the welcoming look directly at the camera removes some of the "must be like me to engage" requirements.

5. In Action Shots Use The MOVEMENT
If your image is riding a bicycle POINT the movement at something important. I don't like movement images as heroes (largest images on a page is called a hero), but I love them in "sub-hero" images because movement creates excitement and allows me to direct the visitor's eyes where we want them to go.

Use these 5 hard won tips and your images won't fight your site's desire to connect, create community and convert visitors into buyers and members.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

Michael Allenberg's curator insight, July 25, 5:48 AM

Having spent over a decade as a professional photographer, this is spot on! Of utmost interest to Experience Designers interested in persuasive design methodologies! 

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Hero Marketing: Heroes Write Like This 40 Great Headlines

Hero Marketing: Heroes Write Like This 40 Great Headlines | Design Revolution |
Depending on your brand and message some can be very professional and straight to the point, and others a bit more relaxed and playful. Here is a collection of taglines and intro messages from freelance designers and design agencies around the world for your inspiration.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Tomorrow is Hero Marketing Day. Writing a post for about discovering hero marketing the ahrd way, creating lists of favorite hero curators and gurus and asking YOU  to share your hero stories as Phil Buckley, Curagami Co-Founder did on G+ ).

Whose Your Hero?

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Beauty, Data Visualization & Web Design's Future - TED Video w/ David McCandless

View full lesson: David McCandless turns complex data sets, like worldwide milita...

Marty's Take On Web Design & Data Visualization
Had an interesting conversation with Curagami ( ) co-founder Phil Buckley at lunch yesterday. We were discussing my attempt to change the CSS on the Hack Headphones Shopify store I'm creating. 

I shared how I found a post on how to change the buy button. I wanted a bigger button. The problem was the post with the answer must have been 2 or more iterations behind the theme I'm using.

The change moved slightly unintelligible java to completely unintelligible code (at least for me). Where once there was a "height" variable now there were nested variables.

Welcome to the future of web design.

If a company with more Ph.Ds than almost anyone, Google, decides to float their index creating a responsive float that seems to wrap search results around searchers like a blanket WHY don't we lucky few Internet marketers realize that's the planet we are all in transit to?

The New Web Designer
Once a "website" becomes a series of interlocking "IF" "THEN" statements "designing" a website becomes an exercise in data visualization.  

Design in a variable world is different as this great data visualization TED video shares (stay with it as the visual candy gets better in the middle).  The skills need to be this "new designer" include but are not limited to:

* Spatial reasoning and intelligence.

* Ability to read and translate metrics into meaningful images (i.e. data visualization).
* Enough Javascript to choke a horse.

* Even more CSS as everything is floating in a variable galaxy.
* Understanding how variables and results should influence design, color, layout in order to increase engagement and conversion.

If this sounds like the silos between design, code, marketing, research, sales and customer service are coming down fast we agree.  

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25 Web Design Tips To Honor 25 Years Of The Web via Forbes

25 Web Design Tips To Honor 25 Years Of The Web via Forbes | Design Revolution |

25 Great Web Design Tips From Forbes

1. The 5 Second Rule **

2. Proper Messaging

3. Call to Action **

4. Building Trust

5. Keep it Fresh

6. Incorporating Social Media
7. Don’t Make Me Think **

8. Web 2.0 – It’s About the User’s Needs, Not About You

9. Video **

10. Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

11. Don’t Fall Behind – Your Competitors Will Beat You

12. Security

13. Start with SEO in Mind **

14. Avoid Long Page Forms
15. Don’t Make Me Squint

16. Be an Industry Leader

17. It’s No Longer Just About the Desktop

18. Don’t Attempt to Target Everyone

19. Monitor Site Performance

20. It’s Web Pages, Not Websites That Rank

21. Your Website is a Component of Marketing

22. Good websites grow businesses.

23. Flash is dead.

24. Respect text.

25. Future requires wearable tech integration.

All 25 are great web design tips. Our favorite 5 are highlighted in bold.

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

add your insight...

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Ready For Holiday 2014 Ecommerce? 5 Summer To Dos

Ready For Holiday 2014 Ecommerce? 5 Summer To Dos | Design Revolution |
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Summer = Make or Break
What are you testing this week? Are you testing design, offers, shopping cart or merchandising now? Here are 5 Summer To Dos to help your sales in the 166 days left to Christmas:

Testing Plan
Your testing plan should be FLAT OUT now. Testing after Halloween should be done with great CARE. This means you eat off the "testing meals" you cook now for 3 of the most important months of the year. Here are things we liked to test in the summer:

This year we STRONGLY recommend offering Free Shipping both ways (out and back) and without any hoops to jump through starting about Halloween (i.e. remove your triggers as they start costing you money right around Halloween or at least they did when we tested). We could never get our DM bosses to thing of free shipping as advertising. Shame since we keep placing print ads long after that tactic was dead man walking (now print by itself is crazy).

When you model Free Shipping both ways now remember you need 3x the same customer visits now you will need in November.. In the summer we ran about 3.2 visits before a purchase. After 11.1 that number dropped to 1.5 and by Black Friday it was damn close to a single visit.

2 Offers & Causes
Use that last paragraph to model great offers at this time of year. If an offer lowers the number of return visits needed BOOK IT for November and December since any summer offer should ROCK 4Q (unless the goods are summer related).

We liked to test cause marketing at this time of year. Our demographics were almost even (men to women). Find brand aligned causes and figure out how to help. If you sell auto stuff for trucks you might contribute to Ducks Unlimited for every sale of Chevy parts.

If you sell books contribute to literacy for every bestselling bought in any form (e-book or hardcover). Your cause doesn't have to be so close to your brand especially if you tie-in to the big 5:

American Red Cross
American Cancer Society
Feed Children
Care fore Pets

3 Create & Test Unique Merchandising Combinations
Great time of year to create unique merchandising. Amazon is going to beat any price you have on products with velocity in segments like books, gifts and media. Your only HOPE is to create unique and branding merchandising.

Be sure to create a NEW page and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) for your new combinations. Link your new combinations from established pages for best sales results. If you've always sold A, B & C offer a new combination of all 3 and give C away free.

Use your metrics to find natural combinations.

4 Free Gifts
If you have Free Shipping both ways and no competitor is following you don't need a free gift. If you can't get free 2 way shipping approved toss in a free gift. Free gifts can't SUCK.

If can't give a gift aligned with your brand and that will delight and surprise DON'T GIVE A FREE GIFT.

5 Social Mentions & Kudos
By far the LEAST expensive idea on this page is LISTEN, THANK and SHARE content your customers share with you. Follow back well more than 50% of your followers cutting out the spammers. You will be amazed how much traction ACKNOWLEDGEMENT creates.

Every follow back and Retweet wins hearts, minds and loyalty best mined NOW for THEN.

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5 Web Design Ideas via @Curagami Evolution Of Web Design Infographic

5 Web Design Ideas via @Curagami Evolution Of Web Design Infographic | Design Revolution |

5 Web Design Implications Evolution Of Web Design

Our @Curagami Evolution of Web Design Infographic ( broke daily view records for our startup. Here are 5 Web Design Implications implied by that infographic:

  • Leave Room For THEM (visitors & customers) - As User Generated Content (UGC) becomes increasingly important its important to build in ROOM for comments, reviews and other UGC. UGC needs an ASK and the room to curate and share results of the ask.

  • One For You, 2 For Them - Every System & Process you build for YOU, build 2 for them. Can users follow each other? Can users share a profile? Can users share content ideas and content easily? What is your social reward system for content shares.

  • Social Graphics - there is a reason people in the army wear rank. Wearing "social rank" immediately says who someone IS with a single graphic. Easier to trust social avatars when they are similarly grounded with graphics earned and proudly socially displayed. Social graphics reward those who've earned them AND set the stage for the next generation of people aspiring to "be like them" so a double win. Find ways to share feedback in social spaces like charities do with thermometers.

  • Build an Ambassadors Area - ambassadors are so important to creating and sustaining online community. Ambassadors are volunteers wiling to sacrifice to JOIN and ADVOCATE you and your ideas. One CSF our startup Curgami is working on is how to quickly identify a website's 1% Contributors and 9% Supporters. Once identified GIVE THEM JOBS and a special place to "hang out".

  • Curate & Collaborate More, Create Less = more "blank pages" - design is an important wrapper, but web design can become an obstruction too. If you curate a "Member of the Month" feature leave room to fill up as you go. Maybe this month's feature sits on top of 3 previous months. The more face-time you can build for THEM the more social shares and support your online community earns.

What about you? What design changes do you see ahead? As we move to "community" how can our design support and create trust?

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RETHINK Web Design: Unusual Web Navigations Inspire | AWWWARDS

RETHINK Web Design: Unusual Web Navigations Inspire | AWWWARDS | Design Revolution |
Beautiful Unusual Navigation Designs for Inspiration. Selection of Awwwards websites with a strong presence of unusual navigation. An effective navigation design is crucial for a website
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Navigation feels old and moldy. There are few things MORE critical than navigation. We've moved from left nav sitting firmly in the "golden triangle" to horizontal top navigation.

Neither of these options inspire and both are feeling long in the tooth and stupid. The social / mobile web requires a RETHINK about navigation. Can we find ways to make very page a homepage?

Can navigation be more relevant and less middle of the road boring? Here are some navigation examples from that don't solve the problem...yet. But the dialogue helps begin the process of reducing our dependency on static, boring, "has-been" ideas like left or horizontal nav.

Are you as surprised that navigation hasn't been on the "top changes" list for web design in 2014? Has to be on our 2015 list because every current option is BAD and getting worse.

BOUTELOUP Jean-Paul's curator insight, June 26, 11:21 PM

Merci ! il est bon de repenser aussi le webdesign pour une nouvelle expérience utilisateur

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Design For Lists: Use To Blow Up Your Blog Traffic via @Mike_Allton

Design For Lists: Use To Blow Up Your Blog Traffic via @Mike_Allton | Design Revolution |
The first major struggle for business owners who want to use a blog for content marketing is creating content. With the dearth of content being created daily, it's certainly a challenge to come up with anything helpful and interesting to say. The second major struggle for business owners is getting people to actually visit their site and read their blog posts. The most brilliant writing in the world won't do you much good if no one reads it.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great post by my friend Mike Allton on a tool I'm convinced is a secret web in the right designer's hands - I'm working on embedded a Top 10 Summer Website Designs list now in Curagami ( so stay tuned.

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20 Long Form Content Examples with Great UX Design Inspire & Help With the "#newseo"

20 Long Form Content Examples with Great UX Design Inspire & Help With the "#newseo" | Design Revolution |
Here’s a fun fact: Over the last 10 years, our attention spans have decreased from 12 minutes to 5 minutes. Our ability (and our desire) to read lots of c
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

My favorite is the NYT's Home and Garden in depth look at 4 square blocks in Philly. Great content daisy chained well so it never overwhelms and keeps readers moving. Great use of anchor links (from the sidebar) makes the piece feel more interactive than it really is. 

Long form content has many #newseo benefits. The more engagement your content creates the greater chances for conversion. Web heuristic measures such as time on site, pages viewed and returning visitors help with the "new seo" too.

Steal some of these easy tricks from NYT and make your content feel more interactive than it is and read faster and more fun so your metrics go up and readers love you enough to become buyers or subscribers.  

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Black and Blue Web Design Examples Inspire & Look Great on Smartphones

Black and Blue Web Design Examples Inspire & Look Great on Smartphones | Design Revolution |
What are two of the coolest colors in web site design? And do you think we've assembled a collection for you that will knock your socks off? Take a peek >>
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Mobile is forcing some good design upon us including:

* Simplified Color.
* Flat design.
* Better Fonts.
* Bigger Heroes.

These Black and Blue examples shows how limiting colors can create simple, more straightforward web designs.  

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The White Album: 50 Fantastic White Web Designs Inspire

The White Album: 50 Fantastic White Web Designs Inspire | Design Revolution |
The color white is simple, elegant and peaceful and the use of this color is seen in lots of websites. Whether they're portfolios or online shops, people agree on...
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

The space between the notes may be the most defining thing about music. I think of web design as a form of music. Web designs, like music, need space between their notes.

This is what made Google so astonishing and easy to use. White page, search box and as few menu options as possible. There is even a person who stands sentry on Google's design saying NO much more than they say yes.

I love to study great WHITE websites to learn how to put space in to quiet and strengthen web design.

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Designing For Community: Master Blasters & Galleries - Curagami

Designing For Community: Master Blasters & Galleries - Curagami | Design Revolution |

Master Blasters
When everything is social community rules. Curagami our Triangle Startup Factory funded startup is working on helping ecommerce merchants and content marketers validate the ROI of social and content marketing. Community is a CSF, Critical Success Factor, because community is what creates an army of advocates.

This post is about how to win the hearts and minds of your most important customers - those willing to advocate your products, services and web content.

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