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Marty Note
Have you seen those commercials promising to build a website, host it and get it "listed" with search engines for $19.95 a month? Love those ads. 

I have 30,000,000 reasons why I know they are BS. That is the amount of money my excellent fighter pilot Internet marketers raked from the Internet over seven years I was Director of Ecommerce. It was NEVER easy, uncompetitive or a tall cold drink in the shade. 

This time of year we didn't sleep much and the rest of the year we were setting up for this time of year. No rest for the weary and no website that matters for $19.95 UNLESS you are Oprah or Penn or Teller or a football player or Justin Bieber.

You see it right? If you have a SUBSTANTIAL engine developed offline in some other way or media you can live with a one page website built to convert the heck out of your efforts elsewhere. Some mobile plays MAY be able to get by with so little too.

The problem with the mobile boys is they ONLY think mobile and they have the same problem as outlined above. The market has to START somewhere. The market you start has to be NURTURED somewhere. Without content, community and campaigns you can't capture, arm and convert the brand advocates needed to scale. 

Throw one of these one page sites in front of the bulls my old marketing team could get to run and it would be swept from the field into permanent irrelevance, so use this idea ONLY when you are just converting traffic already primed by some other effort.