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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Web Design: What's Next With Smarts & Surprises via @jowitaziobro

Web Design: What's Next With Smarts & Surprises via @jowitaziobro | Design Revolution |

Smart Web Design Trends Post
@jowitaziobro taught our team some important ideas about what's next in #webdesign this morning. She states her goal as digging deeper than the usual suspects in web trends and she succeeds. Here are her 7 What's Next in Web Design Trends:

1. Gestures are the new clicks.

2. The "Fold" is dead (longer swipe-y pages see #1).

3. Websites are quicker users too (so lack of speed kills).

4. Pixel is dead (we used to limit our image sizes and "weight" with the web's advanced caching and Content Delivery Networks no need for such limitations anymore).

5. Animation is back (and about to be in a big way).

6. Components and frameworks are the new design and programming (need to reread and think on this one some).

7.  Social Media is dead long live "direct" email. 

Great post for a Monday. Hell great post for any day. Well done Jowita. Rock on. Marty  

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Beauty, Data Visualization & Web Design's Future - TED Video w/ David McCandless

View full lesson: David McCandless turns complex data sets, like worldwide milita...

Marty's Take On Web Design & Data Visualization
Had an interesting conversation with Curagami ( ) co-founder Phil Buckley at lunch yesterday. We were discussing my attempt to change the CSS on the Hack Headphones Shopify store I'm creating. 

I shared how I found a post on how to change the buy button. I wanted a bigger button. The problem was the post with the answer must have been 2 or more iterations behind the theme I'm using.

The change moved slightly unintelligible java to completely unintelligible code (at least for me). Where once there was a "height" variable now there were nested variables.

Welcome to the future of web design.

If a company with more Ph.Ds than almost anyone, Google, decides to float their index creating a responsive float that seems to wrap search results around searchers like a blanket WHY don't we lucky few Internet marketers realize that's the planet we are all in transit to?

The New Web Designer
Once a "website" becomes a series of interlocking "IF" "THEN" statements "designing" a website becomes an exercise in data visualization.  

Design in a variable world is different as this great data visualization TED video shares (stay with it as the visual candy gets better in the middle).  The skills need to be this "new designer" include but are not limited to:

* Spatial reasoning and intelligence.

* Ability to read and translate metrics into meaningful images (i.e. data visualization).
* Enough Javascript to choke a horse.

* Even more CSS as everything is floating in a variable galaxy.
* Understanding how variables and results should influence design, color, layout in order to increase engagement and conversion.

If this sounds like the silos between design, code, marketing, research, sales and customer service are coming down fast we agree.  

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