We Don't Come to BURY Helvetica But To PRAISE It [video] | Design Revolution | Scoop.it

This is a great video by Objectified's (another great video) Director Gary Hustwit. The fact we CAN do something doesn't mean doing it is the right thing to do. This is so true with type.

Because we have more crazy "grungy" fonts doesn't mean we serve our designs well by using them. Sometimes the simple and true work best. Also, as many designers demonstrate in this great design film, the tried and true can be bent into a pretzel.

Helvetia has an innovative side too (shared in numerous examples), so font and typography are really just tools. They stand neutral and wait to see what we do TO them (lol). Helvetia is so clean it makes great headlines online where people don't want to read anyway.

They want to scroll and increasingly swipe so watch this video to learn new tricks for an old, reliable dog.