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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Near There Now | Share Your Near There Now Videos...Sneak Peak

Near There Now | Share Your Near There Now Videos...Sneak Peak | Design Revolution |

Near There Now Videos
We fell over some cool new content. Flying into Philadelphia we captured our landing as a way to play with our new iPhone Six Plus. The results were fun and interesting. Thirty seconds of the back way into Philly was fun to shoot and strangely beautiful (especially the video over the Delaware river with the boat).

The video turned out to be 30 seconds of strange beauty. Next we tried in our car and got much the same results after a few practice shoots that proved shooting video in a car is easier than texting.

Next we wondered what it would be like if EVERYONE shared their Near There Now videos. We might see cool back ways into London,n Paris and Berlin too. Here is a sneak peak of

(Will have a better URL after Godaddy does their thing)

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Funky Webdesign Ideas [some great, some horrible]

Funky Webdesign Ideas [some great, some horrible] | Design Revolution |
If you spend enough time online, it's surprising how much most websites start to look alike. Sure, there are variations, but to a large extent, web design is

Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Wow, some cool web design ideas here and some HORRIBLE ones. I like Wolf & Badger: Current site doesn't look like the FLASH example.

Never use Flash at this point as it kills SEO and its not "trending" in the right direction). Some of these ideas are a mess, but see which ones are your favorites. Always good to see where the line is. Some of these sites are well over the line.

New design isn't as funky, but it is solid. The idea of walking a customer into the middle of a strange fantasy seen and letting them find their links would not normally be something I would like since it obscures instead of makes clear.

The Online Shop (lower right) is what sold me on this fantasy. I also think we are in a time when sites are sites and so BORING. The Flash needed to be killed but check out the link to there new site and see if you don't still rock a good design.

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