1 Well Designed Content Site & A Rare KISSmetrics Miss | Design Revolution | Scoop.it

I’ve compiled a list of websites that produce great content, each of which has its own unique qualities. I’ll break them down and explain why they’re good and what you can take away.

KISSMetrics Misses The Mark 2 out of 3
I was looking for a great content/design mix and KISSmetrics got it right one out of the three times here. CopyBlogger is the only site in this group that both has great content and a great design.

The other two blogs may have great content, but their design is so off putting who is going to wade through their content? What makes Copyblogger work well?

* Snowfall design (long page scrolls down).
* Clear and LARGE Call-to-Actions (bet they've tested those big green buttons).
* Good use of icons that mask ads (very non-disruptive).
* Flat responsive design (probably looks great on mobile too).

* Big headline with interesting sophisticated font treatment.

* Video on homepage.

Ignore the other two suggestions here and focus on Copyblogger. Do you know a great content website? We are looking for great examples of DESIGN in content marketing. Share your favs and we will curate in.