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Web Design What's Next? Flexible Frameworks with Community Like Alejandro Aravena's Architectural Philosophy [TED Talk]

Web Design What's Next? Flexible Frameworks with Community Like Alejandro Aravena's Architectural Philosophy [TED Talk] | Design Revolution |

When In Doubt Ask
Alejandro Aravena makes it clear participation isn't easy, but the advantages of including those you server IN the decision process far outweigh the pain. Aravena is asking about housing and public space.

Internet marketers and ecommerce teams need to be asking about changes to their "public space" - their websites. The synthesis between designers and community discussed in this TED talk become a model for web design too with lessons like:

* Don't try to defeat natural forces (Google) incorporate them.

* Build flexible frameworks customers can modify.

* Individual expression happens.

That last bullet my represent the hardest transition for most web designers. We are so used to drawing boxes within boxes we forget those boxes are meant to serve PEOPLE. Hard to forget when those people are included, consulted and actually listened to all along.

Look at what has already happened. We created a web o one way communication that was modified, cloned and spun back to us by the social web as two way community. Why so much resistance to two way community?

Lack of perceived control may be the culprit. Learning to love the friction of Aravena's "synthesis" requires placing ego firmly in back pocket and listening. Who wants to do that?

The future of web design TURNS on our ability to adapt many of the architectural principles Aravena discusses so articulately in this excellent TED Talk. He may be discussing buildings in Chile, but he could be discusses our client

The future is about a building a DIFFERENT kind of framework one that encourages a growing number of Ambassadors willing to sacrifice to stamp their impression on YOUR web design.

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Treat Design As Art? Maybe, but Conversations ROCK For Sure!

Treat Design As Art? Maybe, but Conversations ROCK For Sure! | Design Revolution |

Paola Antonelli, design curator at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, wants to spread her appreciation of design -- in all shapes and forms -- around the world.

Marty Note
I like SOME of this TED Talk, but LOVE The conversation below it. The next web, and btw MoMA is NOT on my "must steal from" website list, will be about promoting, curating and sharing conversations just like this one.

The real question is when the CONVERSATION is the website what exactly does that look like? How do we design an online "conversation". Digital "listening" is WORK and an evolving science.

SO, interesting talk from a MoMA curator made SPECIAL by the conversation :). M

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Conversations Scroll Visually: 3 HOT Web Design Trends:

Conversations Scroll Visually: 3 HOT Web Design Trends: | Design Revolution |

Check out the hottest web UI patterns used by Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Kickstarter, AirBnB, Tinder, and more.

Marty Note
This is a great web design scope full of examples and lots of good suggestions. At Curagami we are devoted to the conversations as The Next Ecom idea. Love the suggestion about conversational tone in forms.

Forms SUCK, but that doesn't mean you can ask for things in a MORE INTIMATE way than standard boring routine. The visual organization riff is evidence of a much larger tectonic shift - visual marketing is ruling the world.

Visual Marketing in a nutshell is...

1. GRAB attention with an arresting visual.
2. Tease a read with a great headline.
3. Snipit-ize your content so it daisy chains a series of "play list" like cliff hangers.
4. Move visitors to subscribers and buyers.

5. Create an ASK (such as Join our Ambassador Group).

6. Rinse and Repeat.

Via Jakarta Web Developer
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