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75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without & Scenttrail Comments 

75 Content Marketing Tools You Can’t Live Without & Scenttrail Comments  | Design Revolution |

Must Have Content Marketing Tools
We thought we would add out 2 cents on tools we know, use and love:

Agree, if you can't create a "knowledge base" or Q&A engine on your site use Quora until you can. Q&A content is beyond important that is why we are answering a marketing question a day on Quora ( )

We can't figure Reddit out. If you have, please write and tell us the secret. As an outsider Reddit isn't weloming or friendly. Make a mistake and they yell at you and all you do at first is make mistakes. We have had content shared there and it does blow up, but finding ways to play within the rules have left us out of Reddit so far.
New to us and sounds cool. We will join today. 

Wouldn't be on our list. Too much work, too little reward. 

We don't use it anymore preferring to be live at all times on social media. Is that decision hurting our traffic? Maybe, but "being present matters. 

We use TweetDeck (purchased by Twitter and so closer to Twitter's APIs now). 

We prefer Haiku Deck, but SS still gives great SEO. Wish they would make their profile template look better (looks like a train wreck now and no way to fix I know of short of hiring a programmer). 

Yeah, Yeah...wouldn't have been on our TOP list. Who reads press releases anymore if they aren't related to you? Answer: NO ONE. 

We prefer BuzzSumo

We use GA (who doesn't), SpyFu and Moz

Sounds interesting will report back.

We used to prefer Topsy but don't what has happened to them so may take another look at this if we get obsessed about our social content reach again. No analytics tool does a great job reporting the multi-layered nature of social media marketing. 

Simply Measured
Okay, you had us at "more to socila media than publishing", so we will check out and report back

We prefer SpyFu

Now THIS looks worthy and cool. Finding influencers is a bear, anything that makes that nasty task easier we are interested in trying. 

Use it, like it and wish it did more. 

Used it but prefer Medium now
Used it, liked it but fell off and not sure why. Infographics are KEY and this is one of the better tools to make, share and discover infographics. 

Don't know, but will check out.

Waste of time. 

Cheaper Marketo now owned by Sales Force. Cheaper doesn't mean affordable if you aren't enterp;rise level. 

Have used this inboud tool and prefer it to Hubspot or Pardot or Eloqua


Have used it but very much an "enterprise" beast of a CRM

Used it, liked it and recommend it for A/B testing

Trying to figure out this feed master tool now. Feeds are in all of our future so finding out how to use Zapier can pay many dividends 

Used it, liked it and good value for money if you need project management support (and you only need that if you have too many planes up in the air at any one time)

Help A Reporter Out = great idea and I've used it, but boy they will be spamming your ass to death

Email Marketing
We prefer the dinosaur (Bronto), but many of our SMBs don't need that nuclear weapon yet so Mail Chimp or Constant Contact will do (and that is the order we would recommend with Mail Chimp about half better than CC). 


We are leaving Wordpress because it has gotten too complex for what we need it for (simple blogging). 

If you use WP you need Yoast for SEO and because it makes complex WP things easier to understand 

Google Keyword Planner
YES YES and YES you should be using this tool whether you use Adwords or not since it provides reads on search volume by keywords. 

Saved one of our favorite "future of publishing" and content curation tools to the last one. YES you should master Feedly and Zapier since you must process more content than you are doing now and you need to find ways to automate as much as possible.
Curagami (us) on Feedly:


WAIT, There's More
If we didn't weigh in it is because we don't know and don't care about some of the goofy tools on this list. How a list so exhaustive could have forgotten these content marketing tools tells us whoever created it isn't as DEEP in content marketing as our friends and us:
Best community builder for least amount of effort ont he planet. 
Best community builder for more effort on the planet. Best place to test content before you blog about it too. 
Me on
@Martin (Marty) Smith 

Best storytelling tool on the planet and strong community of smart curators and writers. 
Curagmai on Medium 

Haiku Deck
Not as good at SEO as SlideShare, but much better tool with their Creative Commons overlay and TED-like way of insuring you don't kill your audience with PowerPoint. 


We lost Flipboard for a bit, but now that streams are coming back we powered it back up and have liked the experience: 


Same with Tumblr. We lost it there for a bit, but the visual marketing nature of this tool and the ease of use once you are used to the strange UI makes Tumblr a must add. 


Behance may be a "portfolio" manager technically, but it is a great place to tell visual stories. We are using it to help script our videos. 

Hello, you are going to need to put some time in with the world's most advanced photo editing software unless you do everything by phone and we don't suggest that since the phone is hard to resize to fit social networks preferred sizes.

We are still babes in the woods on Illustratrator, but there are times when vectors win and we are always confused and have to attempt to pick our way through (to little success). 

Agile by
We are moving from Wordpress to our friend Eric's "Agile" content marketing platform because....well read our reasons for leaving Wordpress on Curagami. 

We could go on with tools like Vine and Snapchat, but you get the idea. Even at 75 tools the their list is not exhaustive. It does have a lot of thigns we've never heard of and don't care about, a few things we will check out and many tools we've used. 

If you are new to content marketing DON'T READ that post (lol). You need a blogging platform (and blogger would do to start and it is very easy), the "usual suspects" in social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Gplus) and a good community where you can learn (so, Medium, Stack Overflow or something you've found). 

Why learn to play golf with 75 clubs? You need a putter (blogging), a driver (Twitter), a few irons (GPlus, Facebook) and a sandwedge (community where you can learn). Other than that you are wasting least at first. 

Good luck, Marty 



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Haiku Deck Zuru Sure to ROCK Content Marketing & Design

Haiku Deck Zuru Sure to ROCK Content Marketing & Design | Design Revolution |

Haiku Deck Zuru uses the power of artificial intelligence to transform your ideas into polished presentations. Become a charter member to get 6 months free.

Marty Note
Haiku Deck is one of my favorite visual marketing tools. Our 41 "decks" have generated more than 100,000 views. We got the idea about slides being a new marketing channel by working with this magic wand of a tool.

Now they've got something new up their sleeve and the entry fee is a whopping $30 bucks (lol). Let's see, 100K views for $30 bucks, we signed up today and suggest you do the same. Whenever their new tool comes out of beta we know it will be worth many multiples of $30 bucks :). M

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Data Visualization = The New Infographic - Circos Circular Gets Your Inner Visual Geek On

Data Visualization = The New Infographic - Circos Circular Gets Your Inner Visual Geek On | Design Revolution |

How To Succeed Visually
Sorry all the low hanging fruit is long gone. If you want your website and marketing to stand out you are going to have to go high up on the tree or find another tree. Circular Data Visualization with Circos helps you create a new tree.

Yes there is some UI pain and some RETHINK pain, but that's good for several reasons:

* No Free Lunches Anymore - Everything Going To Be Painful Now.

* Learning Curve Protects The Niche WHEN You Get In.
* Like Going Down The Rabbit Hole & Pulling Cover Over As You Fall.

If you are a web designer looking for a way to REALLY rock your bosses world here's one way - tap your inner geek to create killer visual marketing. 

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20 Resources for Beginner Designers & Developers | Resources

20 Resources for Beginner Designers & Developers | Resources | Design Revolution |
Getting started in the world of design can be both thrilling and intimidating. Sometimes, you feel like you just don’t have the tools or skills you need to

Via Brian Yanish -
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

I found some of the resources listed here helpful and I created my first website in 1999. Great Scoop by Brian Yanish (a FOM and a MUST FOLLOW @MarketingHits)

Rescooped by Martin (Marty) Smith from The 21st Century!

200 Amazing Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes

200 Amazing Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes | Design Revolution |
Presenting you with my collection of 200 Amazing Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes.

***** Cool backgrounds or foregrounds and FREE is hard to beat. Marty

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge
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50 free web design tools that rock! | Creative Bloq

50 free web design tools that rock! | Creative Bloq | Design Revolution |
Gary Marshall shares 50 of the best free web tools to help build your site, from well known tools as WordPress and Drupal through to some you may have never considered
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Lots of "new to us" tools on this comprehensive list of free tools to use in web design. "Free", in some cases, means freemium or you get to start for free and need to upgrade for more advanced features. Nothing wrong with this "try and get addicted" model since you don't invest in tools that don't get traction.

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Web Design On A Budget: 21 Free Tools via Hubspot

Web Design On A Budget: 21 Free Tools via Hubspot | Design Revolution |
Check out these 21 free and easy-to-use visual content creation tools.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great Hubspot list of free tools. One caveat. There is no free lunch. Most of these tools are using a "freemium" model. They develop a robust tool and then give away a stunted version free in the hope they will hook users enough they pay to continue using the tool.

Most freemium models know where their marketing sweet spot resides. They will and can provide value. As you scale you will need to upgrade or lose your investment. Free tools require a learning curve too.

Smart move is to have the free tool be so simple anyone can use it. That limits any tool's ability to do more advanced things. "More advanced things" only happens every now and then, so never buy a tool for "every now and then".

Do protect your investment. If you learn a tool well enough to be comfortable with its use and it provides value AND you've outgrown the free version upgrade assuming the ASK isn't out of line with the market. The tricky thing to know is when to JUNK your time investment and move on and when to double down.

No hard and fast rules for "junking" a tool and moving on, but here are reasons I leave tools I've previously invested in:

* They don't listen or care about my input.
* They don't champion how my team and I are using their tool (see Haiku Deck's Featured and Popular galleries for great examples of SUPPORT for use of their tool).

* No easy to tap Applications Program Interface (API).
* The upgrade costs are not aligned with perceived benefits.
* Something easier, better and cheaper came along.
* Something more technically advanced was invented.

Those last two points are connected. Money isn't usually the most important of first consideration when thinking about tools that we use. We don't pay for enterprise level tools (say $30K a year and up), so everything is between $300 and $2K a year.

Biggest reason we change is something new creates efficiencies or is more aligned with our ideas and philosophy. Don't think your ABOUT page matters? Yeah you wluld be WRONG about that (lol).

If you are using or do use any of HubSpot's free design tools please report back as most are new to us.

Thanks, Marty

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30 Web Design Tips Makes Life Easier

30 Web Design Tips Makes Life Easier | Design Revolution |
Every web designer has a secret or two. Hard-won workflows, hidden hacks, and insider knowledge that are the mark of true experience and the stuff that separates great web design training from good. Here, we've managed to persuade some of the web's busiest devs and designers to part with their most closely guarded tricks and tips.
Monica S Mcfeeters's curator insight, April 19, 2014 8:50 PM

Here are tips to help you with your web designing.

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Top 10 Websites for Designers Inspire - June 2013

Top 10 Websites for Designers Inspire - June 2013 | Design Revolution |
Every month HOW scours the web to discover the top design websites. We’re looking for the best promo sites, as well as design tools and resources.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Who isn't a "designer" of one thing or another these days? When in doubt I raid the places, resources and tools used by the pros. I'm not a designer, but boy do I have to design a lot of stuff.

Since I'm not a designer it helps if I can get a running start and STEAL (or be significantly influenced by) a great design. I never copy outright, but I look at cool stuff to get my creative juices flowing.

Nothing is immune from museums to Top 10 Websites for Designers :).

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