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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

18 Pivotal 2014 Web Design Trends [+ Scenttrail take]

18 Pivotal 2014 Web Design Trends [+ Scenttrail take] | Design Revolution |

What web design trends do you think we'll see in 2014? I'm betting on more simplicity, more cleanliness, and more focus on smaller screen sizes, among other things.

Marty Note

1. Flat UI - AGREE and general agreement.2. 'Mobile first' - AGREE! & trying to wrestle that pig to ground now with CrowdFunde.3. Yet more scrolling - Agree and coming from mobile too.

4. More HTML5 goodness - Agree.

5. More HTML5 badness - Yes goes hand-in-hand with #4

6. Micro UX - New to me, can't judge yet.

7. Less text - Agree we are moving to the visual web and lean content (more infographics, arresting images and graphics less text)

.8. Minimalist navigation - Agree and this is coming from MOBILE (working CrowdFunde's "mobile first" design right now and navigation is expensive in mobile.

9. CSS replaces images - Agree CSS Canvas is going to make many images needless weight on the page.

10. Video / moving backgrounds - AGREE!

11. Richer content experiences - Agree especially video.

12. Making the most of one page - Agree, but don't agree with single page sites (we aren't there yet).

13. Varied typography - Agree there is a lot happening on the server side with type.

14. Monochromatic design - New to me, but more likely than

15. Hypercolour - Not Sure color is easy to do BAD online and more color can make a mess.

16. Cards / tiles - Fascinating and new to me, read why cards are future of the web

17. Bigger, better imagery (Agree, cloud caching and CDNs making this possible).

18. Fixed position content / navigation - Agree as social widgets already doing this

Tyler Richendollar's curator insight, March 6, 2014 10:38 AM

Some seriously great design ideas and trends for 2014 and forward.  Really a solid summary of what the web looks like today, and will evolve through. 

Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Web Design: 20 Hottest 2014 Trends [+ Scenttrail Take On Each]

Web Design: 20 Hottest 2014 Trends [+ Scenttrail Take On Each] | Design Revolution |

2014 We Design Trends

1. Grid Layouts - Agree & Is Good!
Yes visual marketing + pinterest + mobile is making the grid ubiquitous. I created a Mondrian grid in 1999 when we launched (not gone sadly). Grids help share MORE information faster and in the same space than any other design element.

2. Image Captions - Agree and is GREAT
The area immediately under an image is HOT. Everyone looks there but few designers use captions to reinforce or explain the image. Paying more attention to keywords under images is a great idea.

3. Extended Form Elements with JQuery - Don't Know? Does anyone?
Can't comment on this trend as it is new to me and I don't program so its potential benefits are fuzzy at the moment.

4. Deeply Focused Landing Pages thanks to Mobile - Agree & Is Cool
Don't understand this trend except enough to say COOL and WANT ONE.

5. HTML5 Video Players - Agree and GLAD
Don't play your videos on YouTube only since you just make the rich get richer. Figuring out how to play videos "in your stack" is important and having your own HTML5 player is cool.

6. 3D vs. 7. Flat Design - I come down on Flat Design as the winner due to mobile.

8. Personal Portraits - Agree and Like

9. SVG Vector sweeps web as browser support escalates. Agree & Glad.

10. Fonts get cool thanks to server advance - cool and like but not a religion or anything lol.

11. Lazy Loading Animations - cool and can think of several uses.

12. Customized Image Galleries - cool and we need.

13. Mega Navigation Menus - Don't know but don't like idea, seems confusing where confusion can really hurt.

14. Expanding Search Bars - cool and will use.

15. Featured Detail List - LIKE and is cool and new to me.

16. Mobile First Design - Agree and am doing my first now with CrowdFunde.

17. HTML5 Canvas - cool and new to me.

18, Pixel Sprites and Browser Games - New to me but COOL!

19. Quick Registration via social - AGREE!

20, CSS3 Keyframe Animation - Cool, want one.

Monica S Mcfeeters's curator insight, February 22, 2014 10:05 AM

Here are some current WEB designing programs.