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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Dr. Dre's Web Design Tips

Dr. Dre's Web Design Tips | Design Revolution |

Beats By Dre Web Design Lessons
A friend shared the impressive NEWSJACK Dr. Dre and his Internet markeing team pulled off last week. Beats By Dre ( ) has some cool web design tricks to steal too such as:

* Consistent images across channels (the Richard Sherman image rode the crest of the wave created by his "controversial" statements after last Sunday's game).
* HUGE RED BUY NOW Call To Action on the home page.
* Hero moves but does so SLOWLY so it isn't jarring.
* They've programmed their Richard Sherman page so his picture matches to every style, something I bet the site does for all celebrity endorsements (cool and NEW).
* Their social buttons are a little low for my taste, but they are well labeled as the "Beats Army" and every major social net is there and they are robust and fresh on all social nets.
* I like how they handle the colors too via the small swatches.

All in all a great ecommerce site in support of one of the best NEWSJACKS I've seen (see my notes on Dr. Dre's multi-channel attack of the web here:

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

5 Things Amazon Can Teach Your Ecom Site For THIS Holiday

Amazon is becoming a bit of a hot mess as they add streaming and move from things to digital bits, but the big A still has lessons every Ecommerce vet can learn for this holiday including:

* BIG Buy Now Button On Plane with Product Picture.

* Institutionalize Free Shipping (i.e. Prime makes free shipping a loyalty program). 
* Customers Who Bought, Also Bought (great up-sale) on product page.

* Reviews & Review the Reviewer. 
* Social prominent but not overbearing. 

Big Buy Buttons
I like BIG buy buttons (see with high contrast. I also like how Amazon puts their Buy button in what is normally a dead-end gutter (far right side of the page) on the same plane as their product headline. 

Free Shipping As Loyalty
Prime is more than Free Shipping. Prime members get free streaming movies and other benefits. Amazon prime may have started as "free shipping" but it is rapidly becoming Amazon's loyalty program as they institutionalize it more and more (brilliant and a #STEALTHIS). 

Up-Sale and Cross-Sale
I like that Amazon tried to sell you the product on the page AND something else. Many ecom sites pitch cross sale and that can get confusing. Customers have worked hard to get to THIS product page so why hit them with a lot of option that create dissonance. Better to say People who've purchased the product you are looking at also bought these other things. This is UP-SALE instead of CROSS-SALE (where you offer other similar items in the hope of making a sale on one of them). 

Cross-Sale is most effective on products where you can move customers from THEIR products to YOUR products or from low margin to higher margin. I'm not in love with this kind of cross-sale because it can be confusing and distracting. Amazon includes cross sale WAY down the page in their "continue shopping" suggestions. 

Review & Review the Reviewer
Most ecom websites have reviews, but few go the next easy step and ask for feedback on reviewers. A simple thumbs up or down on the reviews themselves can identify star reviewers. Writers fight to get on Amazon's review team more for the social kudos than the free books. Your "review team" should be a hotly competed for club too. 

Social (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
I would suggest those three social icons at the very least for any e-commerce website. You may also want to add LinkedIn (if you re B2B) or a tool/net like or  

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Top 10 Websites for Designers Inspire - June 2013

Top 10 Websites for Designers Inspire - June 2013 | Design Revolution |
Every month HOW scours the web to discover the top design websites. We’re looking for the best promo sites, as well as design tools and resources.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Who isn't a "designer" of one thing or another these days? When in doubt I raid the places, resources and tools used by the pros. I'm not a designer, but boy do I have to design a lot of stuff.

Since I'm not a designer it helps if I can get a running start and STEAL (or be significantly influenced by) a great design. I never copy outright, but I look at cool stuff to get my creative juices flowing.

Nothing is immune from museums to Top 10 Websites for Designers :).

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BIG Simple Visual Storytelling In Motion Creating Lean Design Movement & Inspiration

BIG Simple Visual Storytelling In Motion Creating Lean Design Movement & Inspiration | Design Revolution |
Charlotte website design and marketing firm Fame Foundry is a trustcasting agency dedicated to helping businesses grow.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Great post here may include in Lean Design book we are putting together. Can't afford to print al those beautiful pictures though, so be sure to read/look at these great inspiring examples.

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10 Best Food Packaging Designs - A #StealThis

10 Best Food Packaging Designs - A #StealThis | Design Revolution |
Looking for inspiration for your food packaging design project? We've scouted 10 top food package designs to get your creativity going.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Food packaging is TOUGH. Little room and three dimensions means creating great food packaging is a bear. Here are 10 examples of great food packaging with #StealThis ideas for websiite design including:

* Present the essence of the brand (see the chocolate).
* Keep it simple.
* Pictures beat words (most of the time).

* Words can be pictures (some of the time).
* Find colors that look like what you are packaging (selling).

Great lessons for any designer. 

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Scooped by Martin (Marty) Smith!

Museum Websites Inspire Great Design Ideas: Top 10 Art Museum Sites

Museum Websites Inspire Great Design Ideas: Top 10 Art Museum Sites | Design Revolution |
Could redesigned Web sites be the starchitecture for museums? We pick our favorite museum Web site designs, including the Whitney's kids-only digital playground.
Martin (Marty) Smith's insight:

Steal From These Top 10 Art Museum Websites, now RIP sadly, sold cool gifts to museum stores. Even after leaving the specialty gift business for the B2B web dev agency biz I still use several of the sources I found back then including art museum websites.

This post highlights ten of the best art museum website designs. I agree with most of them especially the Walker in Minneapolis. They rock. When in doubt visit an art museum website such as these ten and #STEALTHIS.

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