Digital Literacies and Web Literacies: What's the Difference? | DMLcentral | Design in Education |

Digital literaces and web literacies - are they distinct from one another, or does one live within the other? This post looks at eight "essential elements of Digital Literaries: 1. Cultural; 2. Cognitive; 3. Constructive; 4. Communicative; 5. Confident; 6. Creative; 7. Critical and 8. Civic." After a brief discussion the concept of Web Literacies are addressed, with five elements being recognized: Exploring, Authoring, Connecting, Building and Protecting. 

The conclusion is that Web Literacies are a component of Digital Literacies. For additional information you may want to check out a video, Mozilla Web Literacies (and their relation to digital literacies):

Via Beth Dichter