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What’s your story? Finding and telling an organization’s most compelling stories is always my first step in the consulting process.


Here are 8 great storytelling tips for any nonprofit or for profit business. It's all about how to find your stories.


There are plenty of articles on how to tell a really engaging story that moves people to action. But where do you get those stories from?


Follow these tips and you will soon have a wealth of stories to choose from!  I particularly like tip #6 -- Listen. Yes! So often this is left out of the equation. We are so busy thinking about the questions to ask and how to respond that we forget that the magic in evoking stories is simply to listen delightedly -- not critically.


And then tip #8 -- don't polish your stories too much. Well, keep them authentic but do clean them up a bit. There is no excuse not to have a well-crafted story. Not everyone on video is a good storyteller. And turning a recorded story into a well-written story takes crafting. My advice? Craft an awesome story while keeping it authentic --you want the person telling the story to be shown in the best light possible!

Via Karen Dietz