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Environnement, paysages et arts sonores - Balades, installations, performances, écologie, web-art... Dégourdissez vous l'oreille !
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Sound Escapes

A catalogue for the Sound Escapes exhibition curated by Angus Carlyle and Irene Revell held at Space Gallery, London, 2009.
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British Soundscape

Nature and music as a remedy: inviting Londoners to celebrate the coast with the National Trust – Make Cities Sing For the Sea. The British Soundscape website: British Soundscape music video: Project Director | Design Director | Irene Yen-Hsuan Shih Service Design | Royal College of Art Baroque Violin | MPerf, Historical Performance | Emily R. Hale Film Director | Cinematographer | Yuen Hsieh Visual Designer | Photographer | Erco Laii
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Appel à article permanent : Revue Noise Mapping

Noise Mapping is a peer-reviewed (single-blind peer-review), electronic-only journal that will promote and spread knowledge on noise mapping through the publication of high quality peer-reviewed papers focusing on the following aspects:

  noise mapping and noise action plans: case studies;

  models and algorithms for source characterization and outdoor sound propagation: proposals,

applications, comparisons, round robin tests;

  local, national and international policies and good practices for noise mapping, planning,

management and control;

  evaluation of noise mitigation actions;

  evaluation of environmental noise exposure;

  actions and communications to increase public awareness of environmental noise issues;

  outdoor soundscape studies and mapping;

  classification, evaluation and preservation of quiet areas.

The goal of the journal is to be the first and the main publishing option for authors writing on noise mapping and related topics, and a hub integrating the relevant research community in the field of environmental noise and soundscape studies. The journal is addressed to scientists, practitioners and public bodies representatives (for example environmental protection agencies) carrying out research and/or interested in environmental noise mapping, planning and control issues.

Papers concerning noise mapping of emissions by the following sources are welcome for publication:

 roads;
 railways;
 airports and aircrafts;
 harbours and ships;
 industrial plants;
 leisure and night-life activities; 

 urban areas;
 natural sound sources.

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Equipe Cresson Veille et Recherche's curator insight, May 15, 2015 9:32 AM

Nicolas Rémy : Une revue d'ingénieur qui peut accepter des articles plus qualitatifs.

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On the 08th of October 2009 as part of the ‘sound and narrative’ elective - MA graphic design, we were asked to go on a soundwalk. The idea was to walk around a part of the city and listen to the sounds that usually passes unheard in our daily routines. We see cyclists but don’t listen to the wheels turning, cook and don’t know what peeling a potato sounds like, get caught in the rain and don’t stop to listen to the drops hitting the ground. So during this afternoon we soundwalked and recorded what we were able to hear behind the noise. These recordings where then used as part of the soundtrack we each produced for a section of the film ‘Eraserhead’ (David Lynch, 1977). You can see the final result below. The picture in the booklet were taken as a reminder of what was recorded as once you displace the sound from the action it sometimes takes on a new meaning.
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Magazine «environnement» 1/2013 - Vers plus de calme

Dossier: Le bruit dans l’histoire > Nous devenons sourds > Coûts externes et maladies > Une question de perception > Besoin de tranquillité > Les mesures concrètes Hors dossier: Soigner les forêts de protection > Un psylle contre la renouée > Toxiques dans les déchets électroniques > 150 ans d’hydrométrie
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