Karlheinz Essl: Von Hirschen und Röhren (2006/2007) - sound installation for Beat Zoderer | DESARTSONNANTS - CRÉATION SONORE ET ENVIRONNEMENT - ENVIRONMENTAL SOUND ART - PAYSAGES ET ECOLOGIE SONORE | Scoop.it

Karlheinz Essl
Von Hirschen und Röhren (Of Stags and Pipes)
generative sound environment
In 2006, Swiss artist Beat Zoderer and Austrian composer Karlheinz Essl were commissioned to create a collaborative work for the music festival Stanser Musiktage. In an abandoned repository situated in the heart of the Swiss alps, both were setting up a room installation made of sewer pipes. Those plastic parts of different lengths were equipped with funnel speakers driven by a customized computer program written in MaxMSP. Utilizing realtime composition algorithms which Karlheinz Essl develops since 1985, his software created an ever-changing sonic environment which never repeats itself.