Dream Remedies: Music and Psyche -Travis Wernet | Depth Psych | Scoop.it

There may be more of a connection between music and the depths of our being than we previously realized. Jung made an interesting comment in support of this notion when Meg Tilly invited him to listen to her piano playing and witness her approach to music therapy.


Tilly apparently felt that incorporation of music into Analytical Psychology would be of benefit, and sought to influence Jung on this matter. She was invited to Küsnacht after contacting Jung to share her method with him. In regards to the experience, he remarked, “Music is dealing with such deep archetypal material and those who play don’t realize this. Yet, used therapeutically from this level, music should be an essential part of every analysis. [It] expresses in sounds what fantasies and visions express in visual images … music represents movement, development and transformation of motifs of the collective unconscious.”


From a depth view of psyche, we know that dreams, too, present a reliable touchstone for accessing the unconscious. To invite the energies of the soul to speak to us through dreaming, we may yearn to cultivate ways of bringing our...