Healing Our Divides by Tending Our Creative Fire -- by Jean Benedict Raffa Ed.D. | Depth Psych | Scoop.it

When I started my first psychological book in the fall of 1989, I was near the end of a time of intense struggle with some painful inner conflicts. I had recently discovered Jungian psychology, and with it, my passions for writing and self-discovery. Thrilled to have an outlet for my uncomfortable inner life at last, I began writing a series of memoir-type essays in which I searched for meaning in some of my most puzzling experiences.


Essentially, I was re-mything my life from a Jungian perspective.

I’d been working on my dreams for over a year, so I was delighted when they began providing material that often inspired the next day's work.  Then one morning six months into this project I was sitting in front of my make-up mirror when a fairy tale wove its way into my awareness in a spontaneous session of active imagination. (I love the symbolism of the mirror which prompts reflection!) With a sudden insight I realized this story provided the plot, theme, and guiding metaphors for... (Click title for more)