Carl Jung: Khidr as symbol of the self | Depth Psych |

Over the last couple of days we have been discussing images of the self. I would like to continue exploring this idea. Carl Jung says that Khidr may be an image of the self. Khidr is the 'green one."


He is the angel to the mystics. Here is more on Khidr from Carl Jung:


“Khidr may well be a symbol of the self. His qualities signalize him as such: he is said to have been born in a cave, ie., in darkness. He is the “Long-lived One,” who continually renews himself, like Elijah. Like Osiris, he is dismembered at the end of time, by Antichrist, but is able to restore himself to life. He is analogous to the... Click title for more)

Via Maxwell Purrington