Sabina Spielrein: Pioneer in Early Psychoanalysis | Depth Psych |

Sabina Spielrein, a pioneer active in the early stages of the birth of psychoanalysis who made significant contributions to the field, was the first person to propose the thesis about instinctual life, which Freud later adapted. Spielrein determined that instinctual life was based on two instincts—the life instinct and the death instinct—which were opposed to each other.


Spielrein’s contributions to the early development of psychoanalysis have been overlooked and, until recently, mainly forgotten. In the mid–1970s papers pertaining to Spielrein, including diaries and correspondence, which were found hidden in a basement in Geneva revived interest in her.


Unfortunately, much of the recent work on Spielrein has focused on her role in a triangle with Freud and Jung, rather than on her own specific contributions.

Sabina Spielrein was born on November 7, 1885 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. She was the oldest of five children.The parents, who were extremely strict, forced the children to endure an ... (click title for more)