Carl Jung and America | Depth Psych |

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud came to America in 1909 to lecture and receive honorary degrees at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts.  As the ship entered the harbor, Freud is reported to have said to Jung: “If they only knew what we were bringing them!”  Jung answered: “Well, we will see in a moment what Americans do with it.”  It was Freud’s only visit to America, but the first of six for Jung. 


At Clark University Jung spoke about his word association tests—experiments which offered concrete evidence for Freud’s idea of the unconscious.  During the month he was in America, Jung had a whirlwind time, visiting Boston, Niagara Falls, the Adirondacks, and New York City.  He was fascinated with the diversity of American culture and its technical sophistication.  The day he sailed for home, he wrote to his wife: “. . . the unconscious has a lot of work to do, putting in order all the things America has churned up in us.” 


While traveling to America Jung and Freud submitted their dreams to each other for analysis.  They also talked psychology and it was while traveling together that their relationship began to come apart.  From their first meeting two years earlier in ...