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Depth Psych
Pioneered by William James, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Gustav Jung, Depth Psychology is the study of how we dialogue with the Unconscious via symbols, dreams, myth, art, nature. By paying attention to the messages that show up from beyond our conscious egos, we can be guided to greater understanding, transformation, and integration with the world around us, inner and outer. Join the conversation in community at
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Carl Jung on Death

Carl Jung on Death | Depth Psych |

“We are so convinced that death is simply the end of a process that it does not ordinarily occur to us to conceive of death as a goal and a fulfillment.”

“It would seem to be more in accord with the collective psyche of humanity to regard death as the fulfillment of life’s meaning and as its goal in the truest sense, instead of a meaningless cessation.”

“Death is the hardest thing from the outside and as long as we are outside of it. But once inside you taste of such completeness and peace and fulfillment that you don’t want to return.”

“…death appears as a joyful event. In light of eternity, it is a wedding…The soul attains, as it were, its missing half, it achieves wholeness.... (Click title to read more)

Eva Rider's curator insight, March 28, 2014 1:46 AM

In the end lies the beginning....

Lindsey Sturkie Jr.'s curator insight, November 9, 2014 10:35 PM

This is a blog entry.  It is a list of quotes from Carl Jung a renowned philosopher and thinker.  The list of quotes all revolve around death and mortality. Carl Jung is from the school of accepting death as the next step of existence and not something to be afraid of.  These quotes will be used to further familiarize the reader with philosophies of mortality.

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Loss and Redemption

Loss and Redemption | Depth Psych |
Is there redemption in suffering? Can we move through loss and trauma to make it a meaningful experience?


Jung speaks of the numinous experience. This is the experience that puts us in touch with the transpersonal aspect of ourselves, the divine within, the Self Archetype. One can say that this is what happened to my mom. For a moment, she connected with her Self Archetype and knew that she needed to live. Perhaps she is not done here yet.


Now, three weeks later, has this numinous experience changed her? Has she realized that she has had a profoundly potentially transformative experience? I am sure she will never be the same again, but has she been able to extract meaning and will she be able to move forward with a new intention? Or will she slip into a depression and then from there move back into her normal way of being?


We all have these numinous experiences during our lives. Moments of resolve that we feel connected to something deep within us, but.... (click title for more)

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