Sophia: Gnostic Archetype of Feminine Wisdom | Depth Psych |

The Gnostics recognized the condition of exile as more than an event in history.  They saw it as having a profound cosmic and even transcosmic dimension.  The human spirit, they held, is quite literally a stranger in a strange land.  "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child," laments the American spiritual.  The Gnostics would have agreed and might have been tempted to replace "sometimes" with "always".

The exile may indeed find himself in a dark land, but his very awareness of the darkness can also reveal a light on the path to freedom.  So also, the awareness of our alieness and recognition of our place of exile for what it is are the first great steps on the path of return.  We begin to rise as soon as we realize that we have fallen.
The predicament of exile and alienation is not confined to humanity nor does it originate at the human level.  Long before there was a cosmos as we know it, a great drama of exile and return was played out in the story of the divine feminine being named Sophia.  Having resided in the lofty height of eternal Fullness... (Click title to read full article)