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Pioneered by William James, Sigmund Freud, and Carl Gustav Jung, Depth Psychology is the study of how we dialogue with the Unconscious via symbols, dreams, myth, art, nature. By paying attention to the messages that show up from beyond our conscious egos, we can be guided to greater understanding, transformation, and integration with the world around us, inner and outer. Join the conversation in community at
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Jungian Erel Shalit on Psyche, Culture, and Civilization

Jungian Erel Shalit on Psyche, Culture, and Civilization | Depth Psych |

Via Erel Shalit
Erel Shalit's curator insight, April 15, 9:13 AM

A legend tells us that at the very moment the children of Israel went into the Red Sea, Mount Moriah began to move from its place, along with the altar for Isaac that had been built upon it. The whole scene had been arranged before the creation of the world. Isaac was bound and placed upon the altar, and Abraham raised his knife. Read more

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James Hillman - What is culture?

James Hillman - What is culture? | Depth Psych |

"Culture, what is it?

Culture takes place in closed, even closeted places, involving the alchemical putrefactio, or decadence as the body of fermentation. Generation and decay happen together; and they are not always easy to distinguish. What goes with civilization are irrigation systems, monuments, victories, historical endurance, wealth, and power as a cohesive force with common purpose. Civilization works; culture flowers. Civilization looks ahead, culture looks back. Civilization is historical record; culture a mythic enterprice.

     They may interelate, but they also seem able to do without

each other. Civilization without culture is all around us. Culture

without civilization? I think of the Tierra del Fuego Indians found... (click title to read more)

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