Scrooge Syndrome:Trauma, Embitterment and Spiritual Renewal | Depth Psych |

There is something special about this transitional season, as we move through the darkest and coldest days of the year toward the longer, warmer, and hopefully, brighter days to come. It seems that no matter how challenging, difficult, traumatic or discouraging the previous year may have been for many of us, these next ten days or so inspire us to let go of the past, to relinquish our frustration, disappointment, despair or resentment and look forward to the future with renewed hope, energy and optimism.


Psychologically, it is essential to do so, since hanging onto and wallowing in our rage, anger or hostility year after year, consciously or unconsciously, is what ultimately gives rise to Post-Traumatic Embitterment Disorder and so many other psychiatric syndromes. When chronically repressed, denied or deliberately clung to and cultivated, anger ... (Click title to read more)