Democracy in Place and Space
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Democracy in Place and Space
Examining the Place and Space of Democratic and Anti-Democratic Action, Past, Present and Future
Curated by John Slifko
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Scooped by John Slifko!

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Rescooped by John Slifko from Geography Education!

Landscapes: Volume II

An incredibly beautiful timelapse HD video.  Breathtaking physical landscapes of the "Four Corners" region in the U.S. southwest (mainly Arizona and Utah) with a smattering of cultural landscapes interspersed.  For many students, seeing a beautiful landform piques their interest to then understand the geomorphological processes that made them.   

Via Seth Dixon
Lisa Fonseca's comment, October 19, 2011 5:58 PM
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! These incredibly beautiful physical landscapes were gorgeous. With the help of the HD video it all felt so real and breath taking. While I was watching this video I was keeping in mind the thought of the geomorphological process but more importantly how I feel as though we take for granted to not see what else is out there in the country. I myself knew we live in a beautiful country but after watching this video I just grew much much more appreciation for the countries gorgeous landscapes. I also have saved this video because I believe it is so important to show to many others.