Decision to drop the atomic bomb
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American History

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Was the U.s. justified in their decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagaski? Or should they have carefully reconsidered the events following attempts made to persuade Japan to surrender. After the attack on pearl harbor that incited WWII and the denial of the Potsdam Declaration by Japanese leaders the U.S. government made a drastic decision forever affecting Japan. On the 6th of August, 1945 Harry truman commanded that the atomic bomb or "Little Boy" be dropped on Hiroshima. In the first few seconds over 7-70,000 Japanese citizens were vaporized instantly. Following the 6th another attack was conducted 3 days later, August 9th 1945. 20,000 instantanous casualties occured, and later thousands of others died after suffering the reprocutions of being caught in the radioactive debris. Trauma spread over 41.5 miles, destroying and impacting thousands of lives.  Conclusivley an amount of around 100,000 casualties was decided upon, making this the single most devastating event in Japans history. 

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Scooped by Nathaniel Perisho!

Understanding the Decision to Drop the Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki | Center for Strategic and International Studies

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10 Definitions

American History

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A short note written as a reminder

Johns mother knew he would forget his homework again so she

left him a memorandum on his mirror.



A person of high rank or position

The dignitaries of the military stared dissapprovingally at the

young reckless cadet.



To destroy or kill a large part of (a group)

Entire Jewish families were decimated during the horrific events

of the Holocaust.



Causing or capable of causing fire

Cars engines can rise to such high temperatures that they can almost

prove incendiary.



To defeat or conquer in battle; subjugate

Prometheus's army was numbered and slowly being vanquished

by the mythological monstors.



The art or study of using language effectively and persuasively

David used his vocabulary to seem as rhetoric as possible while

speaking to the english proffesor.



To try to embarrass and annoy (someone
speaking or performing in public) by questions, gibes, or objections

Soon the boy that had been following the spy went from a sidekick to a heckler.



To make known (something private or secret)

Secrets of the girls locker room had been divulged and reputations were quickly diminished.



To clear of accusation, blame,
suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof:

Interrogation of the suspect led to a timely vindication of the serial killer.



Extending unchecked; unrestrained: a rampant growth of weeds in the neglected yard


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