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Rescooped by Rick Self from Strategy and Competitive Intelligence by Bonnie Hohhof!

How ‘social intelligence’ can guide decisions | McKinsey & Company

How ‘social intelligence’ can guide decisions | McKinsey & Company | Decision Making |

By offering decision makers rich real-time data, social media is giving some companies fresh strategic insight. In this article, we explore four distinct ways social technologies can augment the intelligence-gathering approaches of companies. As Exhibit 1 makes clear, social media has little effect on some aspects of the intelligence cycle—in particular, the need to identify priorities for exploration and decision making over the next 6 to 12 months, as well as the use of assembled information to make unbiased decisions. But social technologies can play a surprisingly central role in how information is sourced, collected, analyzed, and distributed.

Via Bonnie Hohhof
Rick Self's insight:

A key element of decision-making is collecting relevant information.  This insightful article by McKinsey examines how decision makers can tap social intelligence' efficiently.  The article's summary provides a concise overview: 

"The information that companies need to meet competitive challenges is moving quickly from published and proprietary sources to the open, chaotic world of social platforms. Navigating this new environment effectively will require new skills and a willingness to engage in social conversations rather than merely assemble information. This is a mission that should extend across the organization. Senior executives can’t leave such important work to specialists. Social intelligence will sharpen strategic insights, and leaders must be immersed in the new information currents."

Bonnie Hohhof's curator insight, August 29, 2013 5:02 PM

Particularly interesting is the patch of senior executives finding their own information directly from the social networks.

Scooped by Rick Self!

Hagel: Future Requires Hard Decisions, Disciplined Priorities - Department of Defense

Hagel: Future Requires Hard Decisions, Disciplined Priorities - Department of Defense | Decision Making |
Hagel: Future Requires Hard Decisions, Disciplined Priorities Department of Defense WASHINGTON, July 22, 2013 – Disciplined priorities and tough choices will be needed to guide the Defense Department's historical transition aimed at maintaining...
Rick Self's insight:

A friend serving as a senior defense acquisition executive told me that "the funding crisis is too valuable to waste".  He is all to aware of the great difficulty in changing the momentum of accumulated decisions that tend to build on one another rather than survive on their merits.  While the sequester highlights the inability of the President and Congress to tackle decisions, it is forcing agencies to distill their strategic priorities and realign their reduced budgets to the vital few.  Hard medicine, but as Secretary Hagel's remarks show, resetting decision criteria to crisp imperitives is essential in high stakes choices.

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