Surprise! It's the Golden Age of Libraries | De Informatieprofessional |
As more and more millennials are enrolled in virtual higher education opportunities not tied to university campuses, the public library is a central site of learning and innovation.In part, the defunding of public libraries is easy because libraries are no longer about collections; they are about connections. They are centers of activity, and not necessarily centers of visible production. Michael Ridley, writer at Beyond-Literacy and a University of Ghelph (Canada) librarian on sabbatical, says: "The public library was often viewed as the 'university of the people.' This is still a good metaphor; it is one that needs to be put on steroids. Public libraries are now centers for social workers, entrepreneurial incubators, literacy classes, maker spaces, puppet shows, and hacker labs as well as places for books, magazines, and videos."

Via Trudy Raymakers