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a lttle of this and little that focused on learning and training with technology
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IncitED -a crowdfunding community designed for educators

IncitED -a crowdfunding community designed for educators | Education Tech & Tools |

"To incite important educational initiatives and innovations that benefit learners and their communities around the world. We want to provide a powerful and intuitive platform where educators can:
> Fund worthwhile projects
> Find, share, and replicate effective practices
> Collaborate and inspire one another


We aim to do this by simplifying the process of contributing to excellent projects worldwide for all who share the goal of bettering education."


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ghbrett's insight:

It's great to see a crowdfunding (crowdsource funding) site for Education! Have a look and see if your education or training activities might benefit from such funding or at least the exposure to this community online.

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6 Google+ Hangouts All About Education Technology - Edudemic

6 Google+ Hangouts All About Education Technology - Edudemic | Education Tech & Tools |

"Google has jumped feet-first into the world of education and we’re all going to benefit. They’re currently wrapping up a lengthy series of Google+ Hangouts that featured notable educators and thought leaders discussing the current trends and tips we should all know about.


From professional development to using YouTube in the classroom, there’s a hangout for everyone. Since I love education technology (and hope you do too), I figured it would be helpful to raise awareness of some recent Google+ Hangouts all about edtech.


Want more videos? Click here to view the full listing of past recordings by Google... at:'Google Education on Air' -- ."

-- from the source:

ghbrett's insight:

Google+ has been somewhat confusing to me and others. I am beginning to learn some of the ins and outs. One function that has proven invaluable to our family is Hangouts where up to 10 people can video conference. Here is an article that explains in detail 6 Education focused Hangouts for people interested or involved in Education. The author also points to another page with recorded hangout sessions that deal with Education and Google Apps for Education. All in all this looks to be a great resource for the Education community.

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Data Driven Journalism

Data Driven Journalism | Education Tech & Tools |

"This website is dedicated to providing anyone interested in getting started with data driven journalism with a collection of learning resources, including relevant events, tools, tutorials, interviews and case studies. The data journalism community and mailing list are dedicated to strengthening the community of journalists, designers, data providers and others, and encouraging collaboration and exchange of expertise.


 About our data driven journalism initiative

  The initiative is aimed at enabling more journalists to use data-sets as a source for reporting by providing them with the necessary skills, techniques and tools according to their level of expertise. In order to do so the EJC and its partners will:

  > Provide a series of hands on workshops across Europe and online training sessions with leading data journalists and open data experts to demonstrate how to find, analyse, and create new stories using data-sets.
  > Expand and strengthen an international network of data journalists, designers, developers, and others to encourage collaboration and to exchange knowledge of expertise and best practices with each other.
  > Create a collection of online resources - including interviews, case studies, and tutorials about how data can be used in the newsroom.


  If you are interested in partnering with us so as to help achieve these goals or if you have any other inquiries please contact the website editor Liliana Bounegru (


  This initiative receives partial funding from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science." -- from the Source


NOTE: This site is one of the first I have seen that is devoted to the interpretation and re-use of raw data in articles and reports. As we have more and more information produced as statistics, analytics, and raw data, it will become more important to be able to interpret and communicate the content in a meaningfull way for the audience(s).

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Common Core and Educational Technology: Tools/Resources

Common Core and Educational Technology: Tools/Resources | Education Tech & Tools |
Classroom educational technology for common core

Via Dr. Susan Bainbridge
Ronda Schuler Scott's curator insight, March 12, 2013 3:28 PM

Cool inforgraphic on how CCSS and tech integration pair.

Michael John Maxson's curator insight, March 13, 2013 12:07 AM

Great resource for educational resources that help teachers create more rigorous learning opportunities for their students using technolgy.

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World Language Resources

World Language Resources | Education Tech & Tools |
"The World Language OER team is seeking OERs that provide opportunities
for teachers and learners to address each of the Maine Learning Results through:
  1) vocabulary and grammar practice in writing, reading, speaking and listening activities,
  2) authentic language experiences including collaboration between teachers, learners, and native speakers
  3) exposure to native speakers and culture
  4) technology sites that would assist in world language teaching

... This site was developed as part of a federally funded grant to identify open educational resources for World Language teachers in Maine. The phases of the grant are from April 2010-June 2011." - from the source


NOTE: While this resources is targeted to the Education community, keep in mind that most corporations and even government agencies are engaged globally. Therefore, there are resources linked here that not only assist people with language skills: speaking, reading, and writing, but also emphasize exposure and understanding the culture of the native or source communities.

Via Heiko Idensen
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