Can schools survive in the age of the web? | Education Tech & Tools |

"Online, the global appetite for learning is becoming a powerful force. As the author and digital guru Clay Shirky put it in a widely-debated recent blog post, education is being disrupted by “a new story rearranging people’s sense of the possible.”

  The web itself is old news, as are the brute facts of online information‘s dominance; we’ve had Wikipedia for over a decade. What’s new is the increasingly trusting eyes we turn towards online media for something more fundamental: the skills, knowledge and instruction required to thrive in the modern world.

  “The possibility MOOCs hold out isn’t replacement,” Shirky observes. Rather, it’s that “education can be unbundled.” Much like many other fields – from broadcasting and newspapers to games and shopping – technology promises not so much to replace older institutions as to break up the packages they once offered, providing particular parts of them at a scale and cost unmatchable by the old order.
  For those who don’t realise this – and soon – the future of education is likely to prove an uncomfortable place." - from the source:


NOTE: This is a very interesting article from about eLearning and it's impact on traditional educational and training methodologies. There are a number of useful citations beyond just Mr. Shirky's insights. This is a worth while reading.