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a lttle of this and little that focused on learning and training with technology
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Education Fast Forward - Promethean Planet

Education Fast Forward - Promethean Planet | Education Tech & Tools |
Debating the future of education with global thought leaders.


Education Fast Forward (EFF) brings together leading global experts and change agents from the world of education to discuss the topics that matter most. The forum addresses the key challenges facing governments, educators and employers both now and in the future, and aims to find practical resolutions. 


EFF8 will take place on Thursday November 21, 2013 and will be streamed live here on Promethean Planet from 12.00 until 14.30 GMT. We will debate the topic New Pedagogies – Is this the time? Join us and help us to examine teacher realities and the drive to innovate.

The learning relationship between teachers and learners is changing, and this change is beginning to drive more engaging and productive learning experiences. This new learning relationship depends on the development of new pedagogies which have the potential to drive deeper learning for every learner.


Michael Fullan and Kristen Weatherby will open this debate. Michael will start by exploring the concept of new pedagogies and how these pedagogies will use the very capacity of technology today to see learning flourish and change more than it has in the past two thousand years. Kristen will then bring her experience of running TALIS at the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and her insights into how teachers are currently behaving in their teaching."


Watch live and follow on twitter with hash tag:





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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The 21st century pedagogy teachers should be aware of

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: The 21st century pedagogy teachers should be aware of | Education Tech & Tools |

"Practical tips and tutorials about using web2.0 tools and mobile apps in education .The best free web, adnroid, smartphone,iPhone, and samsung applications to help you better enhance your mobile learning."

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Professor Seymour Papert

Professor Seymour Papert | Education Tech & Tools |

"Today Papert is considered the world's foremost expert on how technology can provide new ways to learn. He has carried out educational projects on every continent, some of them in remote villages in developing countries. He is a participant in developing the most influential cutting-edge opportunities for children to participate in the digital world. He serves on the advisory boards for MaMaMedia Inc. (whose founder, Idit Harel, was once a doctoral student of his at MIT) and of the LEGO Mindstorms product line (which was named after Papert's seminal book Mindstorms: Children, Computers and Powerful Ideas).


Papert lives in Maine, where he has founded a small laboratory called the Learning Barn to develop methods of learning that are too far ahead of the times for large-scale implementation. He has been named distinguished professor by the University of Maine and is credited with inspiring the first initiative aimed at giving a personal computer to every student of a state. He spends a large part of his time working in the Maine Youth Center in Portland, the state's facility for teenagers convicted of serious offenses.


Papert's contributions go beyond the field of education. He is a mathematician and is a cofounder with Marvin Minsky of the Artificial Intelligence Lab at MIT and a founding faculty member of the MIT Media Lab, where he continues to work. Papert collaborated for many years with Jean Piaget at the University of Geneva in Switzerland." - from source


NOTE: Recent article stated that re-reading "Mindstorms" after some two decades in education caused a revelation and a shift in his teaching. Once again, a timeless book of ideas and philosophy that we can still learn from. Worth Reading.

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