A millionaire just blamed benefit cuts for his staff on 2 pregnant women | Dare To Be A Feminist | Scoop.it

im Armstrong, CEO of AOL, just had a staff-wide conference call to announce drastic cuts to benefits. He then viciously blamed the cuts on two female employees who had recently had difficult pregnancies covered by the company's health plan.

The cut was made a day after AOL announced 2013 had been "its most successful year in the last decade" with revenues of $2.3 billion. Armstrong himself made $30 million from a patent deal with Microsoft (how's that for a bonus?) and last year his annual salary was quadrupled to $12.1 million. Yet, two pregnant women are blamed for a cut in benefits.

It is wildly inappropriate for a multi-millionaire CEO who heads a corporation gaining record profits to make a greedy move cutting benefits and then blame pregnancy. If we let Armstrong have his way, then other CEOs can slash benefits with the same sexist justification. We need to send a message to corporate America that women will fight back and speak up for their rights at work.

Will you sign the petition demanding CEO Tim Armstrong apologize for blaming pregnant women for AOL's greedy move and then restore benefits to employees?