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Dare To Be A Feminist
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Hot On The Historical Ephemera Trail... In The National Enquirer?

Hot On The Historical Ephemera Trail... In The National Enquirer? | Dare To Be A Feminist | Scoop.it

The women born between 1905 and 1909 were the same young girls who grew up during the years of the women’s suffrage movement in the US. They would have seen the struggle, heard the talk, and knew they could have greater freedom of choice in living their lives. They too would see, if not quite be, part of the flapper movement. Activism and parenting being almost completely at odds with one another, some may have opted not to have children — and at this time, birth control, thanks to Margaret Sanger, was becoming a realistic option.


And, just as these young women were perhaps thinking of starting a family…


Along comes The Great Depression — the one of that started about 1929, not the one some say we are approaching now — and the birthrate fell about one-tenth globally from the rate during the “prosperous” 1920′s. In America, the birth rate dropped below the replacement level for the first time in history.

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The history of the Playground Association of America.

Scooped by Deanna Dahlsad

A Very Good Question

A Very Good Question | Dare To Be A Feminist | Scoop.it
Why are you afraid of me when I open my mouth but not when I open my legs? Indeed. HSU Womens Center sticker, circa 1997.
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