Philip Mansour has released another product, and the name of it is Confidential Conversations. Mansour has been involved with CPA marketing for years and is highly successful, and that makes him emminently qualified to teach other people how to do it. This is not your regular Internet marketing course; in fact it solely focuses on showing you how to get the best out your CPA campaigns. Daily Income is straightforward, and in it you'll learn how to use PPC advertising to earn real money with CPA offers. It matters not if you have experience with CPA advertising, or you've just now heard about it, you can learn how to do it the right way.

The whole course is about making the most out of PPC networks that you'll be using in conjunction with CPA offers. How to get your PPC campaigns up and running, and then making best use of the tools necessary to convert your traffic to conversions. CPA marketing is about numbers, you need to drive targeted traffic to your offers, and when they convert (complete a required action) then you'll make your money. It's really a lot of nuts and bolts, but you need to have the right kind of knowledge so you can enjoy the highest possible ROI. Your costs for PPC can vary depending on how well you setup your campaigns. You'll also be the beneficiary of various resources that will help to decrease the learning curve for you. If you want to learn, then this course has "learn" because there are basically 3 modules of training, and overall there are over thirty videos in the course.

So here's a quick peek at these modules.

Daily Income Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance - In this module you'll discover a host of other PPC networks, and while they don't rival Google or Bing, they still represent an excellent source of traffic at much cheaper ad rates. Not only will you learn about these great, under-utilized ad platforms, but you'll be shown how to set-up your various CPA campaigns so you'll earn an even greater ROI.

Daily Income review Module 2: Mobile Match Maker - This module has been aptly named as the Mobile Match Maker because it shows you how to match the right CPA offers with mobile phone networks! That's right; advertising on these networks will allow you to get clicks at a low cost because many marketers aren't using them. This means the competition is extremely low, which is good for you.

Daily Income Module 3: Artificially Organic - This module contains special knowledge on driving organic search engine traffic using methods not widely known. If you don't know SEO, that's fine, but you will learn how to leverage the SEO power of certain websites to send traffic to your sites. It's not rocket science, and you'll know what you need to know after watching this module.

As you've just read, there are some excellent strategies and approaches to be learned from Daily Income, and we believe it has a lot to offer to any marketer.