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Encadrons les neuro-révolutionnaires | #neurotechnology #transhumanism

Encadrons les neuro-révolutionnaires | #neurotechnology #transhumanism | Cyborgs_Transhumanism |
Carte blanche à Laurent Alexandre, chirurgien urologue, président de DNAVision.

Via Jean-Philippe BOCQUENET
luiy's insight:

En quelques décennies, Google aura transformé l’humanité : d’un moteur de recherche, il sera devenu une neuroprothèse. « Dans environ quinze ans, Google fournira des réponses à vos questions avant même que vous ne les posiez. Google vous connaîtra mieux que votre compagne ou compagnon, mieux que vous-même probablement », a fièrement déclaré Ray Kurzweil, lequel est également persuadé que l’on pourra transférer notre mémoire et notre conscience dans des microprocesseurs dès 2045, ce qui permettrait à notre esprit de survivre à notre mort biologique. L’informatique et la neurologie ne feront qu’un !

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Wearable Technology as a Human Right | #googleGlass

Wearable Technology as a Human Right | #googleGlass | Cyborgs_Transhumanism |
Hostility to the use of wearable computers and cameras threatens to limit their benefits, says Steve Mann.
luiy's insight:

Let’s value people at least as much as we do merchandise and elevate the wearable computer to the level of a security camera. We never forbid cameras to protect five-cent candies. So let’s not forbid people to protect themselves with this same kind of technology. I have proposed legislation to protect the right of individuals to remember, computationally, what they experience.


As wearable computers and cameras become more widespread, we will certainly need to adopt new protocols and social attitudes toward the capture and sharing of visual information and other data. But these protocols should not include discrimination against users of these valuable assistive devices.

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Google Acquires #Robotics-Design Company Boston Dynamics I #ControlSystems

Google Acquires #Robotics-Design Company Boston Dynamics I #ControlSystems | Cyborgs_Transhumanism |
Google acquired Boston Dynamics, an engineering and robotics-design company, in a deal that significantly enhances the search giant's robotics expertise.

Via Intriguing Networks
luiy's insight:

Boston Dynamics recently debuted the WildCat, a four-legged robot specifically designed for speedrunning. Developed with funding from DARPA's M3 robotics-engineering program, it can gallop at around 16 miles per hour. While that may not seem very fast, it’s apparent in the top video that the company's goal wasn’t just speedrunning, but rapid movement that mimics the motions of living animals, such as horses and antelopes

Rubin, the former head of Google's Android division, hasn’t revealed many specifics about his plans for its robotics division, but the addition of Boston Dynamics offers some clues.


Commentators saw Google’s self-driving cars as the company playing to its strength: intelligent software systems that can be embedded in existing hardware and vehicles. However, by bringing the hardware skills of Boston Dynamics into the fray, it appears that Google is moving beyond robotic car control systems, and into custom robots designed to handle any number of physical tasks.

Intriguing Networks's curator insight, December 17, 2013 4:00 AM

Beefig up the Androids just took on a new meaning at Google, the R&D in the area of robotics has been led by the head of the original Android development team .With the acquisition of this serious player Boston Dynamics with military contracts still to be completed has Google just entered a whole new ball game?

Cameron Hare's curator insight, March 27, 2014 4:53 AM

This website addresses some of the current findings in robotic designs, mainly 4 legged robots that can run and move much like animals do. It also addresses the major companies Google and Amazon and their current use of their own robotic resources and how Google may soon be beyond the robotic car systems and into the custom robots that can perform physical tasks. This website is useful for pointing out not only the advances we have made in robotics but what we are heading towards and the companies that may be the ones making use of it, I plan on making reference with this information about these companies in the essay and how they will probably be the ones marketing the robots to the public in the next 5 to 10 years.

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Google Invents Micro Camera System for Future Contact Lenses | #Patents #AR #cyborgs

Google Invents Micro Camera System for Future Contact Lenses | #Patents #AR #cyborgs | Cyborgs_Transhumanism |

Last month Google surprised the market with a new wearable Glass off-shoot project relating to future smart contact lenses. Our report that was titled "Google Takes their Glass Vision to Smart Contact Lenses," will now act as a sort of foundational report for this invention on an ongoing basis. Today's new patent revelations cover the integration of tiny cameras into their future smart contact lenses. The user will ...

luiy's insight:

Being that this is a patent application, Google focuses on the ideas they have for future their smart contact lenses and skirts any possible health issues that may arise from wearing devices that are constantly sending and receiving wireless communications. They don't explain what materials the camera and other components will be made of to determine whether there's a risk for possible allergic reactions or if there are risks to the eye being scratched by the various components outlined in this invention.


Yet, to Google's credit, we see in other recent patent applications published by the US Patent Office that they have gone out of their way to demonstrate that their R&D teams have been exploring many ways to ensure that their product will be safe. Of course until it passes through the hoops of varying Governmental bodies it won't be as safe as it should be, but in the short term, Google is demonstrating that they've thought this project through from many angles including consumer safety that we'll be covering in upcoming reports throughout the coming week.


Google originally filed their patent application back in Q4 2012. The US Patent Office published this patent application earlier this month. Considering that this is a patent application, the timing of such a product to market is unknown at this time.

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#Diabète : Google teste des lentilles de contact intelligentes | #health #cyborgs

#Diabète : Google teste des lentilles de contact intelligentes | #health #cyborgs | Cyborgs_Transhumanism |

Diabète : Google teste des lentilles de contact intelligentes Google poursuit son incursion sur le marché de la santé.

Via Emmanuel Capitaine
luiy's insight:

« Nous sommes en train de tester des lentilles de contact intelligentes conçues pour mesurer le taux de glucose dans les larmes à l’aide d’une puce sans fil compacte et d’un capteur de glucose miniaturisé qui sont incorporés entre deux couches de matériau de la lentille de contact souple. Nous testons des prototypes qui peuvent générer une lecture une fois par seconde », ont indiqué les deux concepteurs du projet.

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